Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Life in Washington! So Far..

Washington's been awesome! The first week that we got here, it was nothing but sunshine. But now that we've been here for a little over three weeks, we've experienced some of the rain. It's not too bad though. But then again, I like rain. 
Every week has been a fun adventure. Here's some of the things we've done so far.

Woodland Park Zoo

"Mbuga Ya Wanyama!" & "Karibu!"

This zoo had everything!
From snakes...

To Elephants...

To Goats..
To Penguins...
To Cavemen..
 To Orangutans.... and so much more!

We had a lot of fun. We ended up walking around for over THREE hours. 
Jerry started getting tired after a while. 

Comodo Dragon 

Feeding the elephant! Asian Elephant to be exact :)

Snow Leopard. They're really pretty animals. 

Bird Feeding! So much fun.
But we were only able to get certain birds to come by us.
The really pretty colorful birds were too smart. The grabbed the food and flew away.

Blue Mango

Eating! one of our favorite hobbies. Jerry took me to a restaurant in Everett called "Blue Mango." 
It's a Japanese/Korean restaurant and we were very impressed. It was right by the pier so the view was really nice too. 

Jap Chae.
At first we were confused when this came out because we didn't order it.
But then we realized it was complimentary. That made us happy.

Spicy Tuna



Pikes Market Place

The next weekend, we went to Pikes Market Place. So cool! There were tons of random shops everywhere. We also met up with one of my best friends Jill, and her boyfriend Cho.

Fresh Doughnuts!? Yes, of course we had to get some.

Lunch at Lowells. Everyone got fish and chips except for me. 
But I got a dish with some fish too. 

 After we were done with Pikes, we went to a bakery we discovered in China Town the other week. 
Best chinese bakery ever!! The reviews on Yelp agreed too. 

Lanna Thai

Yay! More eating for us. Another restaurant in Everett and yup..... Asian cuisine once again!

Jerry: What do you want to eat for dinner tonight?
Marsa: Hmmm.. i don't know. anything is fine.
Jerry: Craving anything?
Marsa: Hmmm.. no not really. But I like sushi. Or Korean BBQ. Or Thai food. Or Olive Garden.

I guess we're not very adventurous when it comes to food... Or maybe thats just me.
And as for Olive Garden... random right? But they have good complimentary salad and bread. And I haven't eaten there in a while. So that's my reasoning.

 Spring Rolls for appetizers.
 Lanna Thai Special
(Thick noodles with chicken and peanut sauce, over a bed of spinach)
 Pad Thai. Classic.

Yup, there were only two of us, but we ordered three plates. 
We don't hold back when it comes to food.
And Jerry sure does love his curry. 

Boeing Flight Museum

We finally made it to the Boeing Museum in Everett. The Museum itself was pretty small. But on the tour, they took us to the factory and that was HUGE! Too bad we weren't allowed to take pictures on the tour though. Secrets!


 The inside of our private jet!

And we're off to Japan!....... not really.

The plane Jerry's working on during his internship!
The 787 Dreamliner.

We both got to design our very own airplanes on a kiosk, and print it out for free!
Heres mine. I created a "New era in airplane design!"
 Heres Jerry's. He created the "Dreamliner"
Mine is so much cooler.

After the museum and tour, we went to the Boeing gift store and looked around.
$46.00 for this plane model?! Crazy right.
I used to get free mini ones from JAL when I went to Japan!

That's all the adventures for now. But more to come soon!
And yes, I'm still doing my photo challenge so if you're interested, you can take a look at my previous post for that.

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