Friday, May 4, 2012

A Challenge to Myself

Photography: one of my many favorite hobbies. 
 **I will be updating this particular post DAILY for 30 days. To see why, read below

<---- "30 Day Photography Challenge."
So heres how this works. Its quite simple actually. The Rules:
#1 Take a picture of something that corresponds to each given day on the list.
#2 Update blog post daily with the new picture.
#3 Interpretations of the list do not have to be literal. The more creative, the better.
Easy enough? 
Well then, let the photographing begin!

Heres a random picture of pinecones. Why? No particular reason. Just because I felt like it.

Day 1: Self-Portrait
Clipped Back Bangs. 
Messy Short Hair.
Loose Ponytail.
Hoop Earrings.
Black Tee.
Awkward Smile.
This is me lately :)

Day 2: What you wore today

  Today, Jerry and I went to my primary student's baptism. She's the cutest.  It was a really sunny day so I decided to go with my spring dress, light black cardigan, long pendant necklace, and a pair of sandals.

Day 3: Clouds

Oops! Looks like I've been slacking on my photo challenge. It's been a busy week but I guess that's no excuse. Jerry and I are finally in Washington! It took a 14 hour road trip but surprisingly it went by pretty fast and we got here with no problems. Yay!

Day 4: Something Green

Day 5: From a High Angle
I actually took this picture a long time ago,
 but it was perfect for the photo challenge so I decided to use it. 
I hope that's not cheating..

Day 6: From a Low Angle


This is Seattle. Everything is so green! Probably because it rains so much here but for the past week that we've been here, the weathers been really nice. I guess we got lucky.

So excited for the next few months! I hope the weather keeps up because I'm ready for some adventures.

Day 7: Fruit
love love Love LOVE LOOOOOVE oranges.

Day 8: A Bad Habit
As weird as this may be....yes, this is my bad habit ---->
Not to this extent though. That would just be crazy.

I never noticed I did this until I got married and started living with Jerry. He's the one that pointed it out to me. And yes, he teases me all the time about it.

But apparently my mom does it too.
So it's really not my fault :)

Day 9: Someone You Love
Even though she gives me a headache sometimes,
and I give her an even BIGGER headache all the time,
 she's my one and only sister and I love her. Yay family :)

This is the score of our mini golf tournament. 
Jerry got a 54, and I got a 56
We're both very competitive people by nature.
I TOTALLY let Jerry beat me by 2 strokes...
Now thats love :)

Day 10: A Childhood Memory

Christmas. I've always loved christmas.
Family, the Christmas Spirit, and of course presents.
Christmas was always just a happy time and it brings so many good memories.

Lucky has also been a part of life ever since I can remember.
He was also a christmas present from Santa :)
He's in heaven now but I'll still never forget him.

Day 11: Something Blue
Oahu from way up there!
That's Diamond Head next to the blue ocean.
Quite the view huh?

Day 12: A Sunset


  1. i like the outfit! take it to seattle:D

  2. hey i totally leave "doors" open too! o-gata no sei kana...haha

    1. hahaha you're probably right. yay for o-gata :)

  3. ummm I think it was to that extent ;P I lived with you too you know!

    1. so true! haha you loved living with mee :)

  4. love you marsa :D So honored to have my pic in my tokyo inn nightie...haha


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