Thursday, May 3, 2012

Let The Training Begin!

Jerry and I have officially started our training. Yes, training. It's actually been about 2 weeks now and so far, so good. It's not like we're planning on doing a 20K marathon or anything, but we just don't want to turn into couch potatoes. So what does our "training" consist of? Well...

1) Running everyday
To help me stay motivated with the whole running thing, Jerry got me a new pair of running shoes! Jerry has his own pair but I've never really owned a good pair of running shoes, so I'm excited. My old pair just didn't make the cut. Sometimes my knees started hurting during our run so hopefully these will help. Quite the bold choice of color right?

2) Eating healthier 
It's not like we used to eat a lot of junk food or anything. In fact, I think we've always eaten pretty healthy, especially since we usually eat at home. But now we eat more veggies and fruits. Everyday after our run, Jerry eats a boiled egg, and I make us a fruity smoothie consisting of a fresh banana, greek yogurt, milk, and frozen fruits (strawberries, papayas, pineapples, and mangos). Surprisingly, they turn out pretty good.
This is what I look forward to everyday after our run.

We use a Ninja Blender that we got for one of our wedding presents. And I must say, it is a very good blender. The Jamba Juice cup is a plastic cup that I got for my birthday one year. I like it a lot. I drink all of my smoothies out of it.
Well, I guess that isn't much of a list but hey, we all start somewhere. Hopefully our "training" won't turn into one of those New Years Resolutions that never get accomplished.

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