Monday, April 30, 2012

The Beginning of Forever

Whoops.. looks like I've been slacking on the blogging. A lot of things have happened since my last post but heres the official wedding pictures for now. Enjoy!

I couldn't have been happier.

Our new family!
The bridal party from left to right:
The Groomsmen: Preston (stepbrother), Shinnosuke (brother), Jimmy (Jerry's brother)
The Bridesmaids: Maya (sister), Melissa (friend), Jill (friend)
Thank you to all of our friends and family who came to the temple for us :)
The Groomsmen
Jerry & Jimmy
Shinnosuke, me, and Maya
It was such a beautiful day!
My Mother

Heading to the reception! 
Right after our sealing at the Laie Temple, Jimmy and Maya drove us to Waikiki for our reception at the Halekulani Hotel. 
My dad and the family from left to right:
Mika (stepmom), Natsumi (stepsister), me, Jerry, Luke (dad), Hiro (stepbrother)

Ring Ceremony

Some of our friends and family weren't able to witness our temple marriage so at the reception, we did a simple ring exchange for them. 

Cake Time!

Our buttercream cake made by Halekulani.
It was a REALLY good cake. Jerry probably enjoyed it the most.

Our Dance

                         Father Daughter Dance                                   Me & Jerry's First Dance

Party Time

The Bouquet Toss!
Can you guess who caught the bouquet?


  1. Cute pics guys! I'm still bitter about missing the wedding. Good luck and have fun in Seattle!

  2. what a STUNNING bride!!! you've inspired me to do a wedding post :)


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