Thursday, November 12, 2015

A little #ootd ++ a giveaway winner.

Truth: One perk about blogging is that from time to time, I get to collaborate with awesome companies and introduce them to you guys! Today, I bring to you a little #ootd featuring this gorgeous statement necklace from Happiness Boutique.

I chose the Art Deco Necklace because it's nothing like what I already own. I love the way it's layered and has a super cool and unique shape that would make any outfit pop. Happiness Boutique also offers free shipping as well as a customer reward program so that's definitely something you could take advantage of. 

To be completely honest, the quality of the necklace isn't the greatest but I mean for the price and awesome design, it's definitely a great deal. You guys know I would never blog about something I don't think is something you guys would enjoy. Especially since it's hard to find cute, unique statement necklaces for this kind of price. Have fun finding yourself a necklace! And a big thank you to Happiness Boutique for sponsoring this post :)


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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Younique Fiber Lash Mascara Giveaway

Hi friends,

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Thanks to an awesome sponsor, today I bring to you a giveaway! A lot of  you have probably heard of Younique's fiber lash mascara right? They're everywhere and I think a lot of people are interested, but not so sure if they want to spend the money. So here's a free pass friends. Enter the giveaway below & good luck!

oh, and i do plan on blogging more. i really do. but... some big things are happening right now and i can't wait to share them with all of you! :)

As always, thank you for continuing to read my very sparse blog haha :p

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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Cheap online shops. Worth it or not? Good & Bad Review.

So I've always wondered about those super cheap online shops that sell clothes for anywhere from $1-$10+. It seems crazy right? Like, it HAS to be a scam. Well today I'm doing a review on some products I got from Lovely Wholesale. Some positive, and some negative. 

I'll also link the exact ones that I ordered so you can compare the online photos to my personal review :)

Work Out Leggings:
+ Good: Super cute & looks just like the photo.

+ Bad: Somewhat thin cotton material.

+ Sizing: The whole "one size" thing is a bit... meh. I wouldn't recommend it for anyone larger than a size 4. They're super cute though and overall I'm quite happy with them.

+ Overall: Your typical cotton leggings. Not very thick, and not suitable for working out it. Awesome for going grocery shopping and making people THINK that you workout ;)

+ Good: Overall looks like photo and size & shape are flattering for my face.

+ Bad: Lens not as reflective as photo

+ Overall: I really liked how these looked online so I was reallllly hoping they wouldn't let me down. For $3.50, they're pretty dang good. One of my favorite go-to sunnies now. I wish they were a little more reflective and opaque but for the price, I think anybody would be happy with these.

+ Good: Cute & looks just like photo.

+ Bad: Sole is a little hard.

+ Sizing: I'm usually a 6.5/7 and I ordered a 38 in these. Make sure to follow the size chart!

+ Overall: Very cute shoes. Sole is a little hard but honestly, if you're expecting some louboutin quality shoes for $8, you're the one who's cray cray lol. Shorter trips here and there should be completely fine in these. Quality is comparable to Aldo's flats.

+ Good: Sincerely Jules tee dupe. Looks just like the original and is soft & comfy.

+ Bad: Overall shape is a little different from what I expected. Sleeves are not quite long enough to roll up and look like photo.

+ Sizing: Runs small. I ordered a large and fits slightly loose on me. Make sure to follow the size chart for this one too!

+ Overall: Design is very cute and for $6.49, its an AWESOME deal. Material isn't as high quality but it looks just like the original and as long as you get the right size, it'll fit nicely.

+ Good: Comfy and good for lounging.

+ Bad: Sizing and shape are a little off. I feel like some areas were too loose while others were too tight. Color is also more of a dark gray rather than the "black" that I ordered.

+ Sizing: Runs small/odd. I ordered a large in these too. The legs were slightly loose but not in the right way, and the waist was wayyy too large.

+ Overall: These were probably my least favorite of the bunch. The shape and size were just off for me. I wouldn't recommend these unless you have the perfect body type for these pants. I don't even know what kind of body that would be lol. Super long thin legs maybe? They also weren't as 'harem pants looking" as I wanted them to be.  I would only wear these around the house.

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Overall Review:
If you're someone who wants a lot of cute clothes for a cheap price, Lovely Wholesale is a good  choice. Quality isn't the highest but for the price, a few of their things did exceed my expectations. Be VERY careful while shopping though. Pay attention to the sizing and product description! The description is much more reliable than the photos themselves. I also received one other item (outerwear) that I didn't like at all. It looked nothing like the photos, sizing was off, and the material was unflattering. I should have paid more attention to the description though so that was my fault. 

That's it! I hope this was helpful for you. Now go find something for yourself too :)
And thank you Lovely Wholesale for sponsoring this post!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

V L O G . Weekend Updates.

It's a vlog! A video blog.
Weekend happenings and fun stories.
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