Saturday, April 12, 2014

some random convo and proof of our healthy relationship.

tee: f21   l   jacket: ae   l   shoes: converse   l  sunnies: c/o zeroUV

"i never knew you could be so emotional until we got married."

[ gasp! ]
"i never knew you could make me so emotional until we got married."

[ double gasp! ] 

boo-yah, husband.
wife for the win.

Now if that isn't some healthy relationship conversation, I don't know what is. We then proceeded to calling each other silly names and laughed about it. A healthy, mature, relationship indeed.
p.s. i'm really not that emotional guys ;)

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Styles that come back.

shortalls: c/o american eagle   l   oxfords: dsw   l   hat: uo   l   cardo: uo   l   sunnies: style lately   l   watch: c/o feral

 So today I want to talk to you guys about these Shortalls! Guys, they're comin back! And they are ah-maaaaaaa-zing. Besides the fact that they're obviously super cute, they're also amazingly comfortable. I wanted to style them as a spring/summer outfit but it's still a bit cold here so that wasn't about to happen. At least not yet. Denim and oxblood are one of my favorite combos so I wore these with a simple white tee, threw on the slouchy oxblood cardi for some basic layering, and topped it off with a wide brim hat. Simple, but a favorite for a casual day out. Whether it be jeans, jackets, or shirts, denim is forever one of my favorites! I had a few other outfits planned to pair with these Shortalls but this one was the winner. The styling possibilities are endless friends. Next time I'm thinking of pairing them with some strappy sandals and a striped tee. Don't you love it when your favorite elementary day styles come back? 

also, here are a couple more color options: bleached white   //   olive 
have a lovely friday! <3

Sunday, March 30, 2014


cardi: 2020 ave   l   pumps: dsw, similar  l   tee: f21   l   jeans: ae   l   hat: uniqlo

the sound you make when you realize that tomorrow is monday. 
and tomorrow you have to be at school by 5:45 am.
which means that tomorrow, you have a 4:20 am bus to catch.
for reals guys.

wish me luck!
and have a wonderful sunday <3
this one will be in bed by no later than 8 tonight.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

The day Jerry took me to see the blooms.

prepare yourself to be overpowered by flowers.

^^ this little duck was quite fond of my brother ^^

oh ya and before all of this, we ate some amazing korean food for lunch

and then after all of that, we also did a little campus tour and checked out the hogwarts room

I guess you could say it was quite the amazing weekend. My brother was also able to join our adventuring, and happened to become our tour guide around the UW campus. That place is gorgeous I tell you. Old brick buildings, tall trees, and those cherry blossoms! Seriously. Need I say more? Ever since we moved here, I've been bugging Jerry to take me to see the cherry blossoms as soon they bloomed. And since they only last for a couple of weeks, I was beyond excited when we saw them at their prime. It took us a while to get around the campus because I kept stopping to take pictures. Hah. Life of a blogger right? Anyway, I hope you enjoyed your weekend too! Monday's are always tough.

p.s. check out who won the hair styling product giveaway here!