Sunday, August 3, 2014

Random thought.

If it were up to me,
Fall would be 6 months long, and winter, spring, and summer would be just 2 months each. Do all you sun babies hate me for saying that? But I used to be all about the sun too you know. Especially since growing up in Hawaii, that's pretty much all you want. Sun, sun sun.  But now, I'm all about the 50 spf sunscreen and being pale. Maybe because I'm afraid of wrinkles? Or because since living in Washington I've accepted that no matter what I do, I'll always end up fading back into my natural pale skin tone. Sad fact. Which is also why I love fall. Because I feel like it's more acceptable to be pale during those cooler months :o) 
p.s. it hailed out of nowhere yesterday! crazy.

hat: ng, simiar
sandals: dsw,
sunnies: c/o zero uv
pants: ae

G I V E A W A Y : fashion print of choice


  1. Oh gosh, I used to HATE summers when I lived in Texas. I really didn't understand why adults would say it was "a beautiful day outside" when it felt like a pressure cooker. Fall is definitely my favorite season as well.

    (P.S. I love your panama hat! I've been on the hunt for an affordable one that will fit my gigantic head.)

  2. Woa! Hail? That's intense lol. I am definitely a sun baby. This summer was not bad at all. I counted more cool days that sweltering heat so I was happy.

    Maggie A

  3. Agreed. I'm in love with fall. But in idaho our seasons work like this: summer 2 1/2 ish months of blistering hot weather then fall is maybe 1 month 😩 then winter is 9 ish months.... Then spring is like.... A day. Haha. Whatever. Where can I live where it's fall all year?!?!


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