Friday, August 1, 2014

Girl probs.

me: i wish i could scratch my legs
jerry: so... why don't you?
me: because..... of these!  *raises hands*
jerry: huh?
me: these!   *raises hands more fiercely and also twinkles fingers*
jerry: oooooh. you painted your nails.
me: ya :(
jerry: wow, girl problems.

it's true, it was kinda silly. but it was a real life nuisance at the time. but luckily for me, i have a sweet husband who did the deed for me as i let the nails dry. girl problems for real ;)

kimono: bp - - (more here)
necklace & earrings: f21
watch: c/o feral
bracelet: bp

G I V E A W A Y : fashion print of choice


  1. I LOVE kimonos, and this one looks really pretty on you x

  2. Oh my gosh SO true though!!!!! ;) That kimono is darling!

  3. the floral kimono is so pretty and delicate! love this look :)


  4. Love the Kimono and why is it that when you paint your nails you have to itch somewhere? For me it is usually my nose.

  5. you are the cutest. i miss you.

  6. Wow. That's a pretty looking kimono. I love the color, looks perfect with anything I guess. And btw, you're so pretty!


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