Friday, August 8, 2014

how to keep the relationship spicy. according to the book of marsa's life experiences.

1. Eat Thai food. Because that stuff is always spicy.

2. Go on dates weekly. And by dates I don't just mean go out and spend money (although that can be very fun too). What I mean is, set aside a day, a half a day, or even just a few hours to just be together. You know, without the smart phones, apps, internet, texts and all that junk. Because that stuff is just distracting. 

3. Compliment each other. Jerry is very good at this you know. And it still makes me blush sometimes.

4. Do surprises once in a while. One day it'll be a cupcake. And other times, it might be post-it on our bathroom mirror with a sweet little note. 

5. Take naps together. I don't know why, but just do it. They make for a happy couple.

6. Inside jokes. I would tell you ours but then it wouldn't be our special thing anymore so I'm not going to :)

7. Have some alone time at home. Jerry and I have very different schedules so sometimes he has the house to himself, and other times, I have the house to myself. It makes coming home to see each other much more exciting. Yay you're finally home! *smooch*

8. Share chores. Example, we kinda decided that I do the cooking, and Jerry does the dish washing around here. But sometimes I'll do both, or he'll do both. We both give 100% in helping out. Not just 50/50.

9. Do something crazy. Like baking muffins at 1:00 in the morning! Gasp. Such rebels we are.

10. Take selfies together. Not. Kidding. It works guys. You'll look back at them and either laugh or go "awhhh" :)

11. Hold hands. The simplest thing ever! For me, it's a suuuuuper important sign that we love each other. Because sometimes, we don't really like each other. And at those times, we definitely are not allowed to hold hands. Maybe pinkies, but absolutely no hands. ;)

ta-daaaaaa! and now your relationship is all spiced up.


  1. this is so cute! me and my man definitely need to take more selfies together. we like to do our daily morning walks together before we start our day

  2. This is too cute! What a great post!

  3. Cute list! Love them all and totally agree!

  4. Love this post! My boyfriend has graduated this summer, but I still have a year left on campus. Since we won't be seeing each other daily anymore we've introduced a weekly date night and I love those soooooooo much! We should have done this way sooner, haha. I'll be working on the selfies part too! There are way to little photos of the two of us :-) xo


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