Monday, September 17, 2012

smile jerry!

and that's what i get. 

We went to Thai Village for our Friday night date night. I looove Thai food. It's one of my favorites. So about a month ago, I started pronouncing "Thai" as "thigh" just because I felt like it. Jerry told me to stop or else it'll get stuck and I'll really start saying it like that. "pfffft no way." That's what I thought. But then the other day it actually almost slipped out like that. 

"Thigh Village" 
hah. not so appetizing.


  1. Thai is our favorite too. I think Thai, not "thigh", Village is one of our favorites close by. Two words, peanut sauce. So good.

  2. Hi Marsa! Thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog and for following us, I'm following now too :)
    You are such a cute couple! I love the picture in your header..beautiful!!

    And don't you hate when husbands are right?? haha<3


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