Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Art of Being Thrifty

I know what you're thinking.. "did she seriously spend $50 on board shorts?!" And the answer is no, I didn't. Come on, I'm a poor married college student and we're not THAT extravagant. hah.... See, the beauty of this summer is that I have a lot of free time on my hands. With Jerry at work all day, and me doing everything I can to keep myself busy, I sometimes stumble upon the best online deals. And this was just one of them. Jerry's has been wearing the same board shorts for years now and they're getting just a tad bit too small for him. So naturally, when I saw these for only $13, I had to get them for him. 

Sherpa Hoodie: originally $50, got them for $14. Awesome.
Ever since I got Jerry a sherpa hoodie for his birthday last year, he's been in love with them. The reason? They're SO warm. And cozy. And everything awesome. Before then, he used to just layer a bunch of hoodies to stay warm in the winter. And that works too, but you gotta admit, this is a lot nicer. 

Columbia Omni-Tech Rain Jacket: Originally $45, got them for $17

Yup, thats a size 10/12. Kids size that is. For me! :) Perfect for those rainy Washington days. The ironic thing is, every since we bought it, the weathers been nothing but sunny. Not that I'm complaining or anything.. We actually found a few more really good deals but I think I've done enough bragging for one day. hah hah... To be honest, I can literally spend all day "online shopping" without actually buying anything. Talent? I think so. 
JerryI'm so glad you can fit kids sizes.
Oh the perks of being small. 

And here's a random picture of Fage Greek Yogurt. Got these on sale at the grocery store the other day. They're good. Really good. Even Jerry agrees and he's not even into yogurt all that much.
Cheap clothes, cheap food. Seriously love being thrifty. 

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