Sunday, July 22, 2012

Jimmy's in Town!

Eating is our favorite hobby. Can you tell? 
Jimmy was only here for about 4 days so we couldn't do a whole lot, but we definitely got a lot of eating done. On the first day, we went to an outlet mall and got some shopping done, then filled our stomachs with some Korean BBQ... So. Good. 
Then the next day, we went to get some breakfast with Uncle John and that was good too. The portions were huge! I got a full stack of pancakes, but was only able to finish one of the three. Ya think the waitress could have told me the pancakes were going to be that huge? Oh well.... there's our breakfast for the next couple of days.  

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  1. you two are always eating the best looking food. my stomach is like "rawwwrrrr"


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