Monday, August 28, 2017

Today, at about 7 weeks.

++ Monday, April 10th, 2017. ++

I'm writing this now as something to look back on later. Just so I don't forget. Because "pregnancy brain" is a thing. "Marsa brain" is also a very real thing which I deal with everyday, haha.

So we're pregnant! Thaaaaaaat's weird. But it's our little secret for now :) Me, Jerry, and little baby. Still feels extremely foreign to me. In fact, I don't believe it much yet. The only thing that's reminding me I'm pregnant is this horrible thing called morning sickness. It punched me in the gut at about 5 weeks and won't leave me alone. Hi, yes, thanks so much for stopping by. You can leave now. It doesn't strike in the morning by the way. It starts at around noon and lasts all day until I fall asleep. Ahhh sleep. You are my best friend.

Work is still unaware of my pregnancy, but people are noticing that something is different. I don't seem like "myself" they say. "I'm just tired." Is my go-to response. But how long can someone be "just tired?" I don't know. We'll see I guess!

Fast forward a couple of weeks.

I had a dream that our little baby is a boy! But who knows for sure at this point. A week later, Jerry also had a dream that it's a boy. And then I had a dream that it was a girl. TWINS???! 

Morning sickness is still lingering. The thought of rice makes me sick. Yes, rice. What nonsense is that?? I'm Asian for goodness sake. I've been living off of saltines, sour candy, ginger beer, popsicles, and starchy stuff. And that's if  I eat. My appetite has gone down to maybe a third of what I used to eat. So I haven't gained any weight at this point. But don't worry, baby is fine. I have lots of reserves (aka fat) for baby so no worries there :) lol.

The other day I got mad at Jerry for something sooooo minute and then felt bad for it after. I'm very cranky I think. The lack of food is really getting to me. I also haven't had the energy to do anything  around the house and he's been so great with it all. He's really the best. I can't complain.

***Currently on my mind:
1. Can't wait for our first ultrasound :)
2. I'm thinking this child may end up an only child. Pray for cousins! Hah.

latest 26 weeks photo:

little baby bump :)

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