Monday, August 10, 2015

I missed my bus

I work in downtown Seattle and luckily for me, there's a bus that comes right by our apartment. It's convenient because it goes straight to downtown and drops me off just a few blocks away from work. No transfers for me! But it only runs for a few hours in the morning, and a few hours in the evening. The other week, Jerry had a day off from work but I didn't so it was one of the very few times that he would get to sleep in while I went to work. 

Well, that's how it was supposed to go. But I kind of missed my bus. My bus stop is about 7 minutes away (walking) from the moment I leave our apartment. And that particular day, I was about 20 seconds too late. 20 seconds! As soon as I got to the top of the hill, I saw my bus stop & my bus driving away. NOOOOO. So I called Jerry, woke him up, and he took me to the nearest park & ride to catch the bus from there. He got to sleep in for a total of 7 minutes and 20 seconds that day :)


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  1. Ah! Loving the contrast of colors, beautiful!

  2. I hate when that happens to me when I miss my train to the city. Cute look though! :)

    1. haha right? its the worst!
      like.. can you NOT see me running up the hill huffing and puffing my lungs out?! bus drivers these days.

  3. I hate when that happens to me when I miss my train to the city. Cute look though! :)

  4. Welcome to the commuter world. It is highly unlikely that will be the last time you miss your bus. It happens to us all. Worse one I missed was the time (before Jimmy & Jerry were born) in Lake City, running to the bus, I tripped and fell and landed on something sharp, cut my pants at the knee and got a gash on it. Don't remember if I needed stitches or not. This was the days I worked for Safeco, so I was wearing a suit. Missed the bus and so long to that suit.

    1. haha well im glad you made it out alive!


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