Sunday, August 16, 2015

Dear mom, I decided to go blonde.

Yes friends, as hard as it may be to believe, asians can go blonde too. It takes a while, but it's possible. But before you freakout everybody, this is not me. Hah. This is a friend/client of mine that stuck with me from beauty school! I did her hair a few times during school and now that I've graduated, she followed me to my salon in downtown Seattle. So loved :)

Her hair was pretty damaged/ dry prior to her cut and the overall shape was all grown out. She has a lot of hair so I decided to give her a ton of new layers to create some variety and movement in there. In the end, she loved it and so did I. 

If you're in the Seattle area and need a cut, let me know! <3
instagram: @hairbymarsa

 Proof that I still have my same dark hair:

Sorry I freaked you out mom.
On a side note, it's Sunday and about that time for a nap.

bye byeeeee <3

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