Wednesday, September 10, 2014

How to Save The Moneys: Online Shopping Edition

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Okay, so one of my guilty pleasures is online shopping. Or more like online window shopping. I can honestly spend hours looking at cute clothes online without actually buying them. Hidden talent? I think so. BUT, there are those times when I feel like caving because I see something that I absolutely MUST have. You know what I mean. You've been there too. So, here are some of my tips to online shopping that can save you a lot of money :)

1. Upcoming holiday.
  • If there's a holiday coming up such as thanksgiving, labor day, or even halloween, then wait! There's sure to be some kind of  discount code the shop will give out. Shops honestly love giving out those special deals and it's usually anywhere from a 15% to 50% off discount.

2. Look at other sites for better prices
  • A lot of clothing brands are held in multiple shops. For example, say I like this Free People sweater from Revolve clothing. But it's $76 on sale. Still kinda pricey. So, what I would do is type "Free People Dash Sweater" on google search and ta-daaa! It's also found on Piperlime for $55, and on Shopbop for $43! So don't jump on something the first time you see it. Definitely hunt it down somewhere else for a better price.

3. Google discount codes
  •  I can't even begin to tell you how much money I've saved just from google searching discount codes. Even if the shopping site doesn't have any listed on their page, it's very likely that they have one out there. These discounts usually only range from 10% to 15% but hey, anything helps! Even if it's a code just for free shipping.

4. Sale section
  • I always always always shop the sale section first before looking at the full-priced items. Why? Because if I find something I like on sale, I'm way less likely to want to pay for something else at full price. But maybe that's just me.

5. Put it in the online shopping cart, and walk away.
  • That's right people. walk. a. way. I pretty much do this for everything that I buy online. I put it in my shopping bag, and leave it there for anywhere from 2-7 days. Why? Well because of the "lust at first sight" factor of course. When you see something cute for the first time, you automatically think, "omg! I HAVE to have it!" But really guys, you really don't. And after you give it a couple of days to sink in, you might look at that oh-so-cute top again and think... wait a minute, I already have something like that. Or... wait a minute, it's not that cute. Or... wait a minute, I guess I wouldn't even wear it that much. And then the "lust at first sight" factor is gone and you're finally thinking straight again :)

6. Wait a season
  • If you have the patience to do so, wait an entire season or two before buying. I can guarantee you the price will drop at least 40%. Plus, you might find a discount code to add on top of that. This free people top I'm wearing in the photo above for example, was about $60 or so when it first came out. But I waited a few months and got it for more than 70% off! I felt like a winner.

7. Poshmark
  • Have you guys heard of the app Poshmark? It's amazing!!!! And no, this isn't a sponsored post or anything. I honestly just love the app. It's a place where you can buy and sell old or new clothing and you won't believe the treasures people are trying to get rid of. I bought some Steve Madden wedges for $15 and they were originally over $80. They were worn once but still in great condition. I just cleaned them with some alcohol and they're easily now one of my favorites. If there's something you're wanting but not loving the price, check it out on Poshmark first. You might actually find it for a way better deal.

 8. Give yourself a budget.
  • Jerry and I started doing this and let me tell you, it's the best thing ever! Because now if I want something really expensive, I don't feel bad about buying it as long as it fits in the budget. And if it doesn't, then that's just one more reason why I shouldn't buy it. And it makes it easy for me to just forget about it. 

So that's my long online shopping tips for you. If you have any others that work for you, I'd love to hear them! Comment below or just email me. Happy shopping!


  1. I totally do the google discount code thing! I actually do it for everything I buy and typically i save about 15% :)

    For the love to Google <3

    Have an amazing rest of your day!


    1. thanks grace! google definitely is probably one of the most useful tools haha

  2. love this list! i never heard of poshmark but now i feel like ive been missing out. i like to shop in stores more but this is great

  3. Wow! I like this list and definitely Poshmark. It will be a very useful app for me because I think I need a total mess clean up.

    1. me too. i've done my fair share of selling and buying on poshmark

  4. This list is awesome! Definitely something I needed, and thanks for sharing Poshmark I've never heard of it!

  5. You should check out Covvet and/or Shoptagr! They're both websites that let you know when something you've been eyeing goes on sale. It's super easy to use because you just click a button on your browser, and it'll add the item to your watch list. For example, I will go to jcrew's website, pick out a dress I like but wouldn't pay retail price for, and click the button on my browser (I use chrome).

    Covvet lets you choose at what percentage discount you'd like to be notified (in increments of 5% off or just on sale in general). Shoptagr lets you specify your desired size and color, but the alert options are more limited (any price change, 25% off, and 50% off). I use both, but I tend to use Covvet for designer brands and Shoptagr for "mall brands" like J. Crew and Madewell.

    On a side note, I used to be a bit of a shopaholic, but I want to believe that using a combination of these two sites helped me curb impulse purchases and be more mindful of my spending. I tagged my fall wish list items a few weeks ago and having to DECIDE right then and there at what price (or discount) I'd be willing to make this purchase keeps me in check. It also helps because I'll periodically sign in and be like "oh that sweater I loved a few weeks ago is just alright. I could do without so... delete from my list." It's my version of "sleeping on it" before making decisions.

    Anywayysss, sorry for the long comment but maybe you or your readers will find Covvet or Shoptagr useful. I don't work for them or anything! I just appreciate how the sale alert sites transformed my shopping habits (in a good way). ;D

    1. this is awesome becky! thanks so much for sharing and for always leaving the best comments. i hope readers read your comment too. so insightful :)

  6. I only online window shop brands they sell near where I live really, so if I like something I just make a mental note for when I go actual shopping

  7. Have you heard of eBates? You earn cashback on your online purchases. Usually a small percentage, but, hey, sometimes it's enough to cover the sales tax! I've already earned almost $20 and I don't do a ton of online shopping.

  8. Such a good list of advice! I always have to remind myself to wait to click the "checkout" button until I've thought it over a few days. I almost always realize that one or all of the items are things I don't need. Such a good way to break the buying habit! I've gotten pretty patient at waiting for end of season sales too :) I just got a pair of sandals I've been wanting at 75% off (rue la la) and I skirt I love for 7.50. Score!

    xo, Charlotte

  9. Yea I agree Charlotte I also have to remind myself to do that. I've been watching extreme cheapskates and the coupon show and now I feel like I am becoming that. I'm probably not even close since I spend at least 25 bucks on clothes every week still. Most of my friends haven't bought anything for a couple of years! That's crazy!

  10. Is that peplum shirt from Free People? I found one that looks like that, that I was debating on getting. After seeing it on you, I'm sold!

  11. Another plus about leaving a clothing item in your online shopping cart is that the company will usually send you a coupon a day or two later to try and get you to purchase the item. An extra 15% or 20% here and there adds up! :)

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