Thursday, May 8, 2014

Pineapples are delicious.

jacket: ae   l   sunnies: c/o zerouv   l   necklace: sira & mara   l   tee: delias, similar   l   bag: steve madden

And also look great on clothing.

This week Jerry has been a superstar. Basically. I had a huge project for school so while I ignored doing any house work (cleaning, laundry, cooking, etc), Jerry willingly did all of that for me while I worked. Sweetheart status right there. He's amazing. Also on an unrelated note, if you look at the last photo close enough, you'll see my mr. awesome somewhere.

p.s. tomorrow is Friday and we are totally going on a date. I deserve it ;)


  1. You have the best style, Marsa!! I always love your outfit posts (and your hair too). When you're finished with school, I might have to plan a vacation to Seattle just so I can go and get my hair done by you. ;) Anyways, I hope the project went well!

    1. thanks becky! you're always so sweet :)

  2. cool top!


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