Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sometimes I make Jerry go crazy.

flannel: ralph lauren   l   tee: UO   l   socks: f21   l   watch: c/o feral   l   necklaces: UO

Whenever Jerry takes me out, he likes to ask me if I'm craving anything. And usually, the answer is no. Because I'm not much of the "craving" type I guess.

jerry: craving anything?
me: no not really
jerry: okay what do you want to eat?
me: anything
jerry: okay... mexican? pizza?
me: ya either sounds great!
jerry: okay lets go get pizza.
me: okay.

*10 minutes later, on the way to get pizza*

me: mmmm I haven't had fish in a while. fish sounds good.
jerry: AGH! you always do that!
me: do what?
jerry: you don't tell me what you want until we already decided on something else.
me: oh, but I want pizza. I was just saying that I haven't had fish in a while too.
jerry: *sigh* women....

i don't know if you could tell or not, but he really loves it when i do that :)

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  1. Haha, poor Jerry :P
    That's so funny, but I know exactly what you mean. When people ask me something on the spot, I don't know what to say, and it's only later that I think of it.
    anyway, love these knee socks!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  2. Haha!! Well, once you start thinking about things, and start thinking about what you actually realllyyyy want…. :) I do the same thing…all the time!

  3. Colorful, cosy flannel = <3 !! The pic of the stacked shirts makes me want to bury myself in it. Cute shots! :)

    ~ lauriel

  4. lol they really do love it when we do that :D ...They will probably never admit it though >_<

    Maggie A

  5. lol we are the exact same way!! we can never decide what to eat when going out!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  6. Haha I literally do the exact same thing and it drives my hubs a bit crazy, too. Now that I'm pregnant, I've gotten better at knowing what I WANT! ;) oh and p.s. one can never have too many flannels. Love 'em.


  7. Uh, yea. I do the exact same thing. Pretty sure my husband wants to kill me when I do it. hahaha.

  8. Haha I do that all the time to Cameron.
    Him: What do you want to eat?
    Me: Oh, whatever, anything.
    Him: Ok, pizza?
    Me: no, I don't feel like pizza...
    Him: Chinese?
    Me: Hmm... not really...
    Him: Pasta?
    Me:.... so maybe not anything...?
    Poor husbands.

  9. i am loving your collection of plaids and flannels...i'm obsessed with them and can't stopped buying them, lol! love the red one you are wearing!


  10. These pictures made me realize that I own zero flannels... that should probably change. The photos are all great by the way.

    Haha I can't wait until I have that significant someone to share precious memories like this with. It seems like he knows you very well lol.

    My word is my bond,
    Kayla Graham


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