Thursday, October 31, 2013

Reasons why fall breaks my bank.

hover & click through the photos!

ummm ya, i know.

On an unrelated note, happy Halloween friends! I really wanted to show you photos of our costumes today but I didn't have any good ones so those will have to wait until the weekend. Maybe. But tonight we're soooo excited to pass out candy and light up our carved pumpkins. I swear, married life is just awesome. Also on another unrelated note, I made $10 in tips today. haha...woohooo! Hey, that's pretty dang good considering the service was only $15. Time for a shopping spree! not really.

ps. $75 giveaway to a store of your choosing going on  H E R E.


  1. I justify it by saying, hey you know, you need to wear extra clothes and everything to keep warm in the Fall right? So naturally you should be able to spend more.. haha I'll keep telling that to myself at least. ;) I am in love with that last wine-colored sweater. So cozy looking!
    Happy Halloween Marsa! I can't wait to see your costume.

  2. Ahahah you're so right... Happy Halloween ;)


  3. Ooooh Urban Outfitters has some GOOD slouchy beanies right now. D-d-d-dangerous!! Happy Halloween, girly!



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