Thursday, October 31, 2013


top: japan   l   leggings: style lately   l   hat & booties: thrifted

You know how I was talking about how I was super excited to pass out candy for Halloween this year? Well, apparently our place isn't very trick-or-treater friendly because we only had two sets of people come to our door. TWO SETS! (enter super sad face here). Ya, disappointed. Very disappointed. Our bowl of candy is still quite full and our awesome carved pumpkins didn't get to see much action. I guess I've learned my lesson though. Kids don't like apartments. Or maybe it was the candy. Because I'm pretty sure that when I was little, I talked to all the neighborhood kids and asked them where the good candy was at. But I thought our candy was pretty good. We had different kinds of chocolates and lollipops. Hmph. Next time I should put up a sign saying "we're home and we want to give you candy!" Or...... maybe not. That sounds a little creepy.

Anyway, hope your Halloween was fun filled! I'm going to go help myself to that leftover candy now.

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  1. Hahahah ya we had no kids come here either! Not that I was surprised, there's really no kids in Provo where we love haha. I LOVE the outfit btw. You always have the best outfits, girl!

    Also, sorry to hear about your ojiichan :( It's so hard, ojiichans are just the sweetest cutest people ever. Sending love and prayers towards your family!

  2. Awesome combo!

  3. haha, I bet the pumpkin was awesome :D

  4. I'm not even kidding, that totally happened to me a few years back. I think apartments just aren't trick or treater friendly! I even did hang a sign after a few hours on my door that said "We have Candy!!!" Lol. No one. I was so sad too!! But at least now you have a really good excuse to make yourself sick on candy, it heals the broken heart a little too. Haha! :)

  5. ahaahhaah aww cheer up, don't be sadd :'))) love all of your stuffs in tht photo btw <33 espc your boots! xo

  6. We had the same problem!! Ugh where are all the kids?! It's borderline creepy the ideas we had to try and round up some trick or treaters... but luckily (for the sake of the children) we didn't actually do any of them.

  7. lol at the creepy comment. at least it means more candy for you??? :)


  8. Haha, that sign would be just a liiiiittle creepy.
    Love those fun print leggings!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  9. next year try siting outside of your apt building, maybe? in my old neighborhood, ppl did that like a little party. matter of fact, they handed out drinks lol.


  10. Awww :( I am so looking forward to one day being able to pass out candy! Unfortunately here in Germany only 1 group of kids dropped by when we happened to be in front of the house... and all they said was "hello" so I didn't even realize what they wanted until they were gone!

  11. Sorry to hear that, I guess kids prefer to go houses instead of apartments, that happened to us too. But hey, more Candy for us and for you ;)

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