Saturday, April 13, 2013


 top: f21   l   vest: f21   l   booties: alloy

Today I met up with some of the sweetest girls and it was soooo nice to officially meet them after stalking their cute blogs for months (I'm not a creeper I promise). The blogging world is an interesting one. When you follow someone's blog for some time, you feel like you know them even if you haven't actually "met" them yet. And then when you finally do, it's like BAM! BFF status right there. Ya, it's awesome. i lahhhv it. So that's what I did today. Hung out with the girlies. Poor Jerry had to go to school to finish up a project. That man I tell ya, he does so much for the two of us. 

                                             me: do you like my boots?
                                             jerry: .......
                                             me: its okay, you can say no if you don't.
                                             jerry: mmm... ya i don't know about those.
                                             me: whaaaaat? why not?!! (me = devastated)
                                             jerry: i don't know, i wouldn't buy them.
                                             me: well you're a boy so you don't understand.
                                             jerry: you're the one who said i don't have to like them.
                                             me: i know but..... well, i like them...
                                             jerry: *sigh...
happy weekend :)


  1. hehehe you two are funny :P i think the boots are fun!


  2. Well i love the boots! So fun hanging out and getting to know you today. :)


  3. I have seen these boots everywhere and just LOVE them, but I've never tried out booties and I'm scared with my short legs that I'll look like a midget. And I'm pretty sure Ryan would respond exactly like your husband, boys just don't get it!!
    Itso facto, I love the boots. Anything with glitter on it has my vote :)

  4. I love the boots! If you like them, then it's all good! :)

  5. Looooovvee those boots! Hahaha guess it's a girl thing? And I have exactly the same sort of conversations with my boyfriend. Now he knows just to agree :)

  6. Cool to meet up with friends Marsa! :)
    Poor Jerry ... you guys have the cutest conversations though hehe. :)

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  7. I love the boots! Boys don't get it sometimes... Great meeting you today! Hope to do it again soon!

  8. I LOVED THEM! PS. so glad we are legit friends now!! :)

  9. You dress the best , cool shoes sweetie ,
    & lovely hair in these pics ,


    Come by for a visit & check my latest(fashion haul from here & there )

    ( )


  10. Don't worry Marsa, we're girls, so we all realize just how awesome they are. Glitter backed ankle booties? Pff, Jerry just doesn't have the eye to appreciate how spectacular they are! ;)
    Also, that's so awesome you got to meet up with bloggers - so lucky! I wish there were more Idaho bloggers in my area that I could connect with. Sigh. Ah well, glad you had fun with the girlies! :)
    Oh, right, so Buffalo Wild Wings is the place to go if you're into sports and ...well, wings. Haha, its a fun place to hang out with a group, that's for sure!

    Trendy Teal

  11. My sister has exactly the same boots! They're really pretty :) Great post!


  12. Your conversations with Jerry are sometimes really cute and funny! You must be pretty lucky to have such a nice hubs like him.

    And btw, I do like your bootees hehe!

  13. I've got the same shoes!
    They are my eyecatchers :)

  14. i love this little blogging world and the awesome people you 'meet' through it. i'm hoping that once i'm back in the states, i can actually meet some of these lovely ladies i've gotten to know through the screen! until then, i'll just keep hoping that korea suddenly becomes a popular tourist destination...

  15. very cute outfit!


  16. I LOVE the boots! I might just have to get a pair for myself. Really cute outfit! I totally agree with you about feeling like you know someone after reading their blog for sometime- such a funny thing;)

  17. went to go buy a pair of those boots (cause yes, i'm working on replicating your wardrobe) but they didn't have my size. boo :( but on a happy note - i'm so glad you met some blogger friends. i've yet to meet another blogger. one day though ;)


  18. so glad i got to meet you! and gosh i think thats so funny.
    husbands say the best stuff.
    the life of being a husband of a blogger.


  19. Went to go buy these and they didn't have my size!! So depressing! They are too cute, and no worries, my boyfriend says the same things! I went to visit him a few months ago and I bought a super cute shirt just for our valentines dinner date. When I was all ready and I came in the room thinking I looked super cute and asked "Like my shirt??" he just looked at me blankly. I so know that look, so when he gave me the "Yeahhhh!", I knew he was lying. I told him he didn't have to like it and he started spitting all of these excuses..."Hmmm maybe it's the color? Maybe it would be better for summer time?" and although he has a right not to like my clothes and I tell him this (I tell him I don't like his clothes alllll the time haha), I still got a litttle sad. But see, boys just don't know style :)

    I feel the same way about bloggers...feeling like I know them after reading their blogs. Seriously though, I think we would be BFF's if we met each other in person! In fact, I consider you one of my blogging BFFS...don't worry, it's totally legit :)

    xo Ashley

  20. i loved seeing you again!!! you are the cutest ever, and i loooved those booties :)

    so what exactly is your plan?? leaving at the end of the semester for a month and a half? will you be back in utah after? we need to have a goodbye party for you and K ):

  21. Cute convo beteween you and Jerry. Daww you both are sweet. :)

    It sounds great to meet bloggers and I hope to some day.

  22. Those are some cute boots! Boys they just don't understand!!!

  23. Love interweb friends and love those boots! That's a typical convo in my household, too :)

  24. Totally know what you mean. Following blogs really does make you feel like you know the person, even though you haven't met them! Like how I feel like you and Jerry are our twin couple (I'm not a creeper either, promise).

    ALSO, my fiance did not like these booties either... I don't think boys like the gold colorblock thing. Shrugs.

    Hope you had a beautiful weekend, Marsa! I know your love for Mondays ;)

  25. Haha, I love the boots!! Can't go wrong with some sparkle!

  26. I love those boots! You have awesome style! Hope you have a great week, Marsa. :)

  27. I love those boots!

    xo Dinah @ sunshine super glam

  28. Hahahaha... Love it =))))
    Kinda reminds me and my hubby =))))


  29. Those boots are AWESOME!!!
    The outfit too!


  30. Hahaha your conversations sound like my convos with my hubby when it comes to fashion. Men are so clueless ;D


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