Saturday, March 23, 2013

Focus Marsa!

turban headband: rayna jaye   l   leggings: style lately

Ooooh man. I'm strugglin over here. It's crunch time guys. Just about a month left of school and then we're done! But before that, I need to pump out a super awesome 20 minute presentation in Japanese, finish 150 hours of my internship, and ace two tests. So blogging will have to be on hold for a bit. maybe... I just love this thing too much. It's such a good way to get distracted guys. Ah! Must. Focus! But if you reeeeeally really miss me (which you probably won't), you can stay photo-updated with me on instagram here: @marsaleee

the end is near! (for school that is)


  1. you can do well,dear! just don't get too stress ya..i followed you in instagram too.

  2. good luck girl.
    seriously its that crazy time of the year!


  3. Ok, why are you SO gorgeous???

  4. you can do it! then celebrate and share with us :)

  5. I believe you can do it!! Haha. Go, Marsa! By the way, your leggings are so cute! The prints can be your inspiration!

  6. You CAN DO IT! Oh boy do I remember the end of college. So stressful, but the best feeling ever!

  7. good luck! you're almost there! where are you doing your internship at?

  8. good luck, marsa baby!!
    you are so so so close!

    and i had so much fun with you today!!
    i'm so happy you came!


  9. Go go go! I know how hard it is to stay focused, especially with the distracting blogging world at hand...hehe, but I shall be stalking you on Instagram to get my Marsa updates :b

    Trendy Teal

  10. Good luck! It's so distracting when you have a blog I think haha, I have it myself. But you'll do great :D The headband looks amazing on you by the way!

    Great post!


  11. Good luck, you can do it!

    Lots of love, Maho

  12. Good luck with the studying, you're nearly finished! The headband you're wearing is cute too :)

  13. Good luck Marsa!
    You can do it! You can do it! ^^

  14. good luck!!! it must be a great feeling knowing you're almost there!


  15. I will miss you!! lol good luck with all your school stuff <3


  16. Hope everything goes smoothly so you can get back to blogging !

    xo Meg<3

  17. well please hurry it up...because I might die if I have to go a long period of time without you and your cute clothes!!!

    1. p.s. you look way too cute, and where are you blankets from?

  18. This is my first year without the rush of finals and it's definitely an odd feeling! I feel like I should be busy writing papers or studying. Good luck with everything, dear, but hurry back because I will definitely miss your outfit posts!!

    xo Ashley

    PS I am so ordering a turban headband ASAP. I'm obsessed.

  19. Holy wow, that is some crazy busy stuff you got going on there!! So maybe having 3 kids seems easy now compared to your crazy sched ;) Good luck on tests! And, YAY for almost being done!


  20. Your headwrap is so cute, looks great on you!!


    Kristina does the Internets

  21. You look so cute! That headwrap is beyond adorable on you! I def. couldn't pull that off because I have a huge head lmao

  22. Good luck with school - you look super cute in your study outfit! x, kat

    Love and Ace

  23. 150 hours! Go get them girl! And just keep working that 5ft glory of your in your itty bitty pants:) I tried to order those Ultra Wet skinnies you showed me until I realized the inseam was a grand 8 inches too short:( and for my random "Wednesday" post I totally forgot it existed and am a dummy, please forgive me:)

  24. Super cute leggings and head turban! I love how you pull it off so nicely Marsa. :)

    To answer your question - I did trim my hair not too long ago but in my post I always did a half-curl style. haha... Thanks for noticing girlie! ;)

    xo – Sheila
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  25. I love your headband. you look so chic while studying!

  26. I already told you this on instagram, but I felt compelled to say again: I NEED THOSE LEGGINGS. You are the cutest, and you will rock all of that stuff you have to do, girl!


  27. 20 minutes in japanese? gambate - you'll rock it. i'm feeling the same crunch - i just spent 10 days in NYC for a competition and this week i need to pump out a 20 page paper (but at least its in english :)

    good luck!
    and obviously following on instagram :)

  28. GO GIRL!!! You can do it, I believe in you xoxo

    Glad I can see you on Instagram, and will still be here when you get back xo

    Dinah @ sunshine super glam

  29. Ahh!! Send me some motivation too! Good luck girlfriend!


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