Friday, March 22, 2013

Don't Trust The Weather Man.

turban headband: rayna jaye

Today started off just like any other day. Woke up, ate breakfast, checked my email, checked the weather, got dressed, and left for school. We left the house a little later than usual so we had to park at the far parking lot, which is fine of course. Except an hour later I realized that I forgot our lunch in the car. So off I went to grab our lunch, only to find that it was blizzarding outside. And guys, I was not ready for this nasty weather. The forecast said that it would be "mostly cloudy" today. And it was. Except it forgot to mention that it was also going to snow a snowstorm up in here. So obviously, I was not dressed for the occasion. First of all, my coat didn't have a hood. By the time I got to the car, I practically could have made a mini snowman on my head. Awesome. Second, my boots weren't waterproof. So as I was trying to block the snowy wind from slapping my face off, my boots were getting soaked and my little toes were freezin off. Suuper Awesome. And then finally to top it all off,  my coat button decided to pop off and go tumbling down towards the gutter. I tried to chase it but I ended up just slipping and falling on my bum in front of oh... I don't know, six other people or so? It was great. I did end up getting my button back though. Yaaaaay..... So friends, don't trust the weather man. He lies.

p.s. hey maybe jerry will take me out on an awesome date tonight so i can feel better about my clumsy self.
     (and yes, he does read this blog of ours)


  1. oh you poor thing! I hope your bum is ok :-)
    At least you looked cute, right?!
    I LOVE that headband!

  2. It happens to me all the time. Just my luck. :P

    Oh no. Seemed disastrous >< Hope you are Okay after slipping! No bruises or anything!

  3. Are you sick of the snow or what? I'm so tired of it. I can't wait for summer. But really. It's getting a little bit ridiculous. Cute headband!

  4. I swear the weather man is always wrong! But you look cute though :)

  5. i am SOOO ready for spring!! this windy snowy cold weather needs to be over!! that headband is so cute - you look adorable!

  6. Right. I am SO OVER this utah weather. haha. Its freezing today. I want last weekend's weather!!

    Ps. date nights are the best. Make the hubs take you out!!

  7. It's supposed to snow here (CO) this weekend. I'm not looking forward to it. :(
    I hope you have a great weekend!

  8. marsa, you make me laugh. the end.
    & yes, i hope he takes you out too :)
    happy weekend friend!!!

  9. haha i totally laughed at this okay i seriously love it when you write these stories! they're my favorite thing to read each week.

  10. i love your hair! YEa...the weather in Korea is no picnic either.... it's cold one day, warm the next, then it snows the following day, and so on and so forth.


  11. Wow it is such a lovely accessory ! Love it

  12. Well, for a "mostly cloudy" day, your outfit would've been cute and appropriate...Haha darn weather men! Such liars!
    And yes, I'd say after that kind of day, its Jerry's responsibility to take you out ;)

    Trendy Teal

  13. I'm just cracking up at your title "SHAMELESS." You pull it off though - still looking fab in that nasty bathroom.

  14. That headband looks beautiful on you!
    Ohh is the weather so bad out there? That's not good..
    Here in the Netherlands it has to be Spring, but its autumn and winter at the same time..

  15. Your hubby is really amazing for all support for you my dear Marsa! Cool! :)

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  16. I'm so in love with the turban, Ms. Marsa!

  17. I love your hair and the headband :D
    Great post!


  18. That's right, never trust the weather forecast :) Actually, it should be snowy and windy today but when I look outside the window now... It's pretty sunny!

    Lots of love, Maho

  19. that's not fun at all but i'm glad you get through it
    the headband looks adorable though

    style frontier

  20. Isn't that the truth! The weather always seems to be wrong, ha.


  21. you poor girl!! i've totally fallen on my butt recently too. freakin snow. that little headband is just too cute on you. love it. have a great saturday girl!

  22. First off, I love the title post! Second, reading this definitely brought back multiple memories of dressing for the wrong weather and miscommunications with the dear old weatherman. Yes, weather people DO lie. You know who else lies? Mr. iPhone weatherman...LIKE ALL THE TIME! The worst. I'm so sorry that you had to brave the snow unprepared, but at least you know you looked super cute doing it! Obsessed with this outfit and am totally purchasing a turban headband ASAP so I can try and rock it as adorably as you do.

    xo Ashley

  23. Ugh so sorry to hear about the snow :(. I hope you had a wonderful date night though!



    Southern (California) Belle

  24. I have always said that Utah has "bi-polar" weather! One day it was so bright and sunny so I wore a skirt and some sandals to school. It was MAY by the way. I had to walk all the way home in the pouring SNOW. Bah Utah....

  25. Aww girl, so sorry to hear about you taking a fun..hope you are okay. I never trust the weather people...always end up letting me down...or surprising me, HA!!!

    xo Dinah @ sunshine super glam

  26. Aww I hope you're okay! And you're right, do NOT trust the weatherman (and my mom because he trusts him)! LOL



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