Saturday, October 6, 2012

MLF: stories of a home alone wife.

Sometimes I get stuck being home alone because husband is a busy man and has things to do. But to be honest, I love that free time I get all to myself. Just as long as it doesn't last too long. Then I start missin' the man. But he usually comes back before then and I'm really good at keeping myself busy. There's lots of things to do around the house.

1. Clean. [mostly because husband's reaction is the best]
    He acknowledges my awesome wife-ness.
2. Sort out my closet and think of new ensembles. it's weird. i know.
3. Jam out to some backstreet boys and pretend i'm famous.
     singing, dancing, all of it. hey, i'm pretty good.
4. Listen to my sappy love song playlist on itunes.
5. Watch some j-drama or some typical kind of housewife show.
    I'm a sucker for those. I get it from mom.
6. Find some new recipes for dinner and dessert. 
7. Hang out on pinterest. 
8. Blog.
9. Sleep.

See, that's already a lot of things. I could keep going but then you'd get bored. And husbands usually home before I get all that done anyway. For some reason, sleeping always ends up taking a lot more time than I plan for. 

"okay, just 15 mintues."  
45 minutes later... 
 "oops. uh heyyyy honey!"


  1. i found you from pinterest! i luv your blog i dont have one but im following with email. keep posting =)

  2. you listen to backstreet boys??? I am so following you. <3


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