Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Days of Kai: So you had a stroke. Now what?

Okay okay okay. So a lot has happened since the last post regarding Kai's birth and stroke. But before anything else, I just want to say that Kai is doing great! So so great. Like some days I forget that he even had a stroke. Oh ya..... "stroke." The "S" word. A word I've come to realize that a lot of people don't like using. Kai's pediatrician for example likes to say, "birth complication." And his PT likes to just point to his head and avoid the word by any means lol. I mean I get it, it can be a touchy subject. So I just want to say, it's okay! Kai had a stroke. And even so, he is developing beautifully :)

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So... what's going on?
Well, the cause of Kai's stroke is still a mystery. It definitely bothered me for a while but now I'm okay with it. It happened and yes, it totally sucks! Do I wish it didn't happen? Of course! But I really don't see the point in worrying about it anymore when all I see everyday is a happy perfect baby. 

Ever since his stroke, Kai has had numerous doctors visits. He has three neurologists to be exact. Someone for neuro development, a stroke specialist, and a seizure specialist. He also has a team of therapists. The main therapist he sees is his physical therapist. Later on we'll know if he needs to meet with his other therapists. 

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What does a baby do for physical therapy? 
Great question. A lot of his "homework" is really just incorporated into his daily routine. His PT is really just making sure that he's hitting all his mile stones in a timely manner. As his mom, the person who is with him the most, it's really my job to watch for anything unusual. Together at home with dad, we work on everyday skills that babies should be doing.

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Any side effects of the stroke?
For a while he seemed completely normal. Eating, pooing, sleeping, and playing. Kai was a pro at all of these things. But as he got older and started doing more "things," we did notice a few red flags that we needed to monitor. 

Kai's stroke was on the left hemisphere of his brain, which controls the right side of his body.  Within the last few months, we noticed that Kai definitely prefers his left hand. He's really great at playing with his left hand while he struggles a bit with his right. Now, is it the stroke? Or is it because he's a lefty? We don't know. At this point its really hard to tell but according to his doctors, babies don't usually favor sides this young. In my heart, I believe that Kai will be completely fine no matter what. Even if he has a few delays, I know that he can overcome anything thrown his way. But I do worry sometimes. But that's okay. Mom's worry. It's part of our job descriptions apparently.

Oh ya, another thing we've noticed is that he's veeeeerry sensitive to sounds and vibrations. If you crinkle a plastic bag behind him, he FREAKS out! If the garage door opens while he's on his back upstairs, he FREAKS out!. Apparently sensory issues are common side effects of strokes. Sooo.... I guess Kai is born to be a singer. He's going to have excellent pitch haha. That's my takeaway from that. :p

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Oh Kai Kai.
We love you so much :) You make our lives so much better. I never knew being a mom would be so fun, and exhausting, and fulfilling. It's been my favorite job yet.

Well I think that's pretty much it for the update. I hope that answered some of your questions! As for regular baby updates and things... Kai is 10 months and he finally started crawling and rolling! It's pretty cool. He's also in the upper 80th percentile for weight, and lower 90th percentile for height. He's a big boy for sure. I can't carry him for very long without my wraps and slings.

Kai Kai the Koala baby :)


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  2. Just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your post!


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