Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Makeup Tutorial. AH!

I did itttttt!
And as much as I dislike hearing myself, here it is. It's pretty basic to be honest. Because lets be honest, I am no makeup artist. Hah. The finish of the foundation is very natural and "glowy" looking. So if you're a matte finish type of girl, this probably isn't for you. And for those who asked, I've also listed all products that I used in the description box on youtube. The lighting is a bit brighter than I would have liked so if you want to get a better idea of what the finish/ coloring looked like, make sure to check the original blog post with the photos :)

direct link to the video on youtube HERE

link to original makeup post HERE

enjoy! :)


  1. omggg your voice is so cute!!

    i thought i was all set on what i was going to be buying during the sephora vib sale tomorrow, but now i'm tempted to add the ysl foundation after seeing it on you! I may eyeball my shade and hope for the best... I have the hardest time finding the correct shade for my skin tone most of the time. @_@

    1. dahhhh i hate my voice -____- it honestly doesn't sound that high to me but then when i hear it on video i'm all like "what theeeeeeeee?!?"

      as for the foundation you should go to nordstrom! they'll find the perfect shade for you and also give you a sample if you need it :) the finish is realllllyyy natural but gives great coverage. and its also not cakey. but i could see how some people might think it doesn't give enough coverage. it's definitely buildable though :)

  2. Ahhhh Marsa your voice!!! I am so happy to finally see you in person!! You are the cutest. seriously. I am usually a firm believer in MAC but you might have tempted me to try ysl. I just bought a brand new bottle of MAC foundation, and that stuff isn't cheap, but I will save up and give ysl a try when I run out :)

    1. its a realllly pretty foundation for sure :)
      and about my voice... idk why it sounds like that. it isn't always like that i swear haha -___-

  3. Nice finish on you! Your skin looks already beautiful without it, though, too! ^_^


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