Thursday, October 2, 2014

Life Bits.

1. Jerry bought me some booties from steve madden on clearance. 2 for $40. Soooo ya. He's awesome. Second pair has yet to be documented so you can expect to see those sometime in the near future.
p.s. Does this angle make my legs look oober skinny or what. Well, I don't mind.

2. Flannels. Duh. Self explanatory.

3. That would be my hair. Guys. I cut my own hairrrrrrrr! And that's a lot more than just bangs if you couldn't tell already. End result photos to come later. Maybe :/

4. Pizza date.  I always get the same exact one. But it's bbq pizza heaven soooo you really can't blame me.

5. On our way to.......... okay I have no idea. I just like to take pictures of Jerry driving me places I guess.

6. Ice cream Wednesdays! It's a thing now. Not really. But in my head it is :)

Life Bits. End.


  1. Is there anything better than bbq pizza?! I dont even really like normal pizza anymore bc I like it so much haha!

  2. great shoots, love your blog! <3

  3. cute boots! can't wait to see your haircut. i'm sure it's gorgeous!

    1. Julia you put too much faith in me haha thank you!

  4. I wish we lived closer so we could play


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