Friday, July 4, 2014

Seattle no more: a quickie

Hi! It's Marsa again. 
Has it been a month yet? Probably. So I thought I'd stop being lazy and update this blog again since a thing or two has happened since the last few posts. I still have some things to post from when my parents flew into town a few weeks ago for the bro's graduation. But those will have to wait I guess. But if you didn't already know, Jerry and I were in Utah last week to visit his side of the family. We just got back last night in fact. Here's some photos from the first day there. Jerry's not in them because I decided that I wanted to hang out with some of my favorite girlfriends. It was a "no boys allowed" type of situation. So he got the boot. <3 But he liked having time with his family anyway. And hey, you might even recognize a few of these girls.

^ ^  and a big thank you to anthro for providing this beautiful mirror for the perfect mirror selfie ^ ^

^ ^ someone did not get the "cute face photo" memo. #fail ^ ^

^ ^  ariel is an elephant loving weirdo and i totally love her for it :D  ^ ^

^ ^  lauren is secretly the slightest bit asian which means she's awesome!  ^ ^

^ ^ rachel is just all around adorable and one of the sweetest people i know ^ ^

aaaaaand that's a wrap for day 1.
miss these girls already.

oh and of course, happy 4th everyone!


  1. you are the best! I <3 you sooo much Marsa, so so happy I got to see you!!!!! PS thanks for the crop ;))

  2. Looks like you girls had a blast!


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