Thursday, July 10, 2014

Last Friday. The Fourth!

The fourth marked one year for us since moving into our new home here in Washington. ONE YEAR. It seriously scares me how fast time flies sometimes. Last year was just moving in and unpacking so this year we wanted to make sure we did something festive. The morning started with some breakfast at the park with fellow ward members and that was fun. Then we went home and took a nap. That was fun too. And then we were invited to a little bbq / pool time / watch-the-fireworks party and that was probably the best part. 

Apparently people go all out on their Fourth of July fireworks here in the pacific northwest. And one of our friend's neighbors actually spent $10,000 this year. Umm... ya. Ain't nobody got money for that. Is what I thought. But after I saw, I believed, and I was amazed. And then I thought, one day I will be rich enough to spend $10,000 on my own fireworks. And then Jerry thought, no matter how rich I am, I will never be able to justify spending $10,000 on fireworks. The difference of our brains. How on earth did we end up getting married? Anyways......

The highlight of the night was when someone lit one of those big fireworks upside down and instead of heading up into the sky, it went shooting at a neighbor's car, house, and even at some of our friends who were innocently sitting on the sidewalk watching the works. Ya. Scary. Luckily nobody was injured. But you can bet I was clenching onto Jerry's arm- - running away for dear life while watching it all happen. Somebody offered us their chair after that. No thanks dude. We kept standing the rest of the night.

anyways, here's some photos I took. Be prepared to be amazed by my amazing photography:

lol so obviously my photography skills are a total joke.
but wait! here's the best one:

lol  what . is . that. ?!

 I'm pretty bummed that I didn't get any good photos. There was just a lot going on at once. But I did take a video though which isn't even close to depicting the awesomeness of the fireworks that night but it'll have to do. Haven't uploaded it yet so I'll have to show you guys another time. 

till then, peace friends!

turned my scarf into a headwrap :D

p.s. thank you America! we love you.


  1. How has it already been a year?! Time flies. We went to one of those crazy at home shows too. My sister in law's cul de sac put it on and they spent thousands and thousands on fireworks and then had bounce house water slides and all the works. it was nuts!

  2. awww great july 4th outfit! i wish u still lived in utah!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  3.'s ok my pictures looked just like that. you actually had better ones. mine looked like bright dots in the sky. smh. nice outfit and post! :-)

  4. I was in the US on the 4th two years ago and never had I seen so much beautiful firework! You all know how to build a party, so I can only imagine how pretty the sky must have been that night :-) Also: you looked super cute! xo


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