Saturday, April 12, 2014

some random convo and proof of our healthy relationship.

tee: f21   l   jacket: ae   l   shoes: converse   l  sunnies: c/o zeroUV

"i never knew you could be so emotional until we got married."

[ gasp! ]
"i never knew you could make me so emotional until we got married."

[ double gasp! ] 

boo-yah, husband.
wife for the win.

Now if that isn't some healthy relationship conversation, I don't know what is. We then proceeded to calling each other silly names and laughed about it. A healthy, mature, relationship indeed.
p.s. i'm really not that emotional guys ;)


  1. You guys sound like a cute couple :)

  2. Perfect comeback, I will need to use that on Justin sometime ;))

  3. Oh my gosh, Ryan asks me all the time if how often I cry is normal. I cry when I'm happy, sad, scared, excited. Didn't know I was this emotional until I got married haha

  4. LAWL. I think my boyfriend's said the same thing to be before though!
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