Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Transitioning into a new season.

tee   //   watch   //   tote   //   necklaces   //   denim   //   rings   //   flats

(not all links correspond to the exact same product shown in photos)

When it comes to clothes, one of the hardest things for me to do is transitioning my outfits for the new season. Mostly because of the weather change I guess. I tend to be awkward when trying to figure out how to go from a big bulky coat, to a little tee and shorts. But this spring, here's a few things things I'm super excited about wearing once the weather warms up: Cuffed skinnies, a loose tee, printed flats, a leather tote, and some cute accessories. For the past couple of seasons, chunky statement jewelry has been extreeeeemely popular. Right? But this upcoming season, I'm excited to start wearing some minimalistic jewelry like the ones found on etsy, as well as gorgeous leather watches like the ones found on JR Dunn. Oh, and obviously some cute sandals for my toesies wouldn't hurt too of course. Give me some of that Vitamin D! What are you guys looking forward to wearing again?

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  1. Love these picks! I've been obsessing over that Michael Kors wrap watch for awhile now. I love how classic and timeless it is.

    Super cute flats and jeans too!

    xx, Jen


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