Monday, February 24, 2014

MLF: Apparently I have no manners when I'm asleep.

top: tobi   l   bag: free people   l   shorts: f21   l   shoes: japan

According to Jerry, two nights ago, I abruptly woke him up from his slumber in the middle of the night. Why you ask? Well, apparently I had to ask him a very, very important question.

"can we get frozen yogurt tomorrow night?"

"are.  you.  serious??"
that's probably what he was thinking.
i don't really remember doing that but apparently, he said yes and fell back asleep.

so there you go.
the answer to getting anything and everything you ever wanted.
just wake up your significant other in the middle of the night and ask for anything.
the answer is always yes.

brought to you by marsa & jerry's life lessons.

ps. in case you were wondering, "MLF" means "married life funnies"
      and yes, i made it up :)


  1. Too funny!!! You guys are the cutest.
    And your top is sooo gorgeous- loving that floral print!

  2. frozen yogurt is the best! no wonder you're thinking about it all night :) love that top!

  3. At first, I thought it said MILF and I was like hmm ya I guess so, but she's not a mother!? LOL!!! Anyways, you are a beauty my dear!

  4. Hahaha, maybe I should ask Connor if we can get a puppy in the middle of the night :) So pretttyyyyy girl!

  5. haha you two are the cutest!

  6. Hahaa I always ask my boyfriend random questions too when it's bedtime...but instead of "yes" I always get "you talk to much" or "Hmmm" :'D
    Lovely outfit as always girl!

  7. hahaha you are so funny. funny stuff totally happens in the middle of the night. always.

  8. I am going to lock this in the memory bank for future reference...haha!
    Too cute Marsa, like always :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  9. haha that's too cute! according to my husband, I make nom nom sounds in my sleep like I'm eating something really good! ;)

    xo - Sheila

  10. love your top!


  11. This outfit is so adorable - definitely one of my favorites of yours! Those boots and shorts are especially cute!



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