Monday, January 20, 2014

Princess-ing for a day.

pumps: vince camuto   l   skirt: ruche   l   sweater: japan   l   coat: f21

If I were a princess, this is what I'd imagine it to be like. Pretty skirts, gems, headbands, and heels. Too bad I'm not though, which means I can't dress like this on a daily basis without people thinking I'm some sort of wannabe fancy lady who thinks that I'm something pretty special. I'd be the walking image of the saying "all dressed up and nowhere to go." Thank goodness for church on Sundays.

This weekend was pretty good. We spent some time with my brother who also lives in Seattle. We like to have him over when we watch football games because it's always more fun when there's more people-- cheering for the same team-- in a small living room space-- like ours. Go Seahawks!

Oh ya, and these bangs. Those are new. Being in hair school kinda makes you want to do crazy things to your hair. Figures. And since I already vowed not to color my hair until necessary (which means until I start graying), I decided to do the least exciting thing there's left to do. Cut my bangs of course. And you know, I thought about just chopping all my hair off for a real change but I guess I have this slight fear of looking like a boy. It's a legitimate fear.  So for now, this will do.

oh, and just for kicks.....

because we all love those, don't we?


  1. Hehe, whoo hoooo, you got the bangs!
    I know, I felt the same. Although yesterday I kinda did a "screw it" mentality and went on a whim - I dyed my hair. (sigh). But I like how it turned out, so oh well!
    Anyway, loooove your everyday princess styled look :) That skirt and those heels are gorgeous!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  2. Awww you look so pretty!!! Love this look on you :-)

  3. pretty. love your heels. :)

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  4. So pretty! Love this outfit! I want :) and haven't you seen little princess? The movie? "Every girl is a princess" so yep! Haha

  5. Love your bangs! And the outfits is really pretty:)

  6. such a cute outfit.
    love that last pic lol


  7. Marsa, YOU ARE A PRINCESS!! ;) Love this outfit!! And totally agree, where would I be without being able to dress fancy if it weren't for church!!? :) And you look great with bangs!! xoxo!!

  8. OBSESSED. You are a pretty, pretty princess! I love the soft colors and I LOVE your bangs! You are totally pulling them off:)
    Oh and by the way...Go Seahawks!!

    xo Ashley

  9. Oh wooooh, you look great! So lovely and adorable and I really like your new bangs!

  10. The bangs are gorgeous, I actually got my bangs cut about a month ago... and I LOVE THEM. As for your outfit, it is super cute and oh so princess-esk. LOVE IT. I love dressing up, it makes me feel special.

    Best xoxo,

  11. Love the tulle and sweater look. Its the perfect combination of comfy and chic with a touch of glam!

    Maggie A

  12. Love your bangs, you look beautiful! And the skirt is absolutely dreamy. Gorgeous look dear!


    xo Jess

  13. You look so pretty! That skirt is divine and I'm loving your hair!


  14. you are too precious.
    I haven't been blogging much recently, so as I scroll through and catch up on all my favorite blogs, coming to your site is like re-connecting with a long lost friend.
    lots of love from your sister across the country <3

  15. Love the skirt! Is it opaque enough to be worn on its own, or are you wearing a slip with it?


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