Friday, December 13, 2013


top: c/o conversation pieces   l   vest: madewell   l   hat: UO (thrift)   l   boots: zigi soho

A fur vest. What? I used to be totally against them because I felt like they just made me look like some cave woman. But look where I am now. Breaking out of my fear and trying something new. I think everyone should something new once in a while. It's fun :) until you realize you look like you got dressed in the dark. But hey, we all go through that phase. Also, I just have to say something about this black top because it is seriously amazing!!! Soooo soft and comfy and flowy. Plus you can never go wrong with black. So if you're needing a perfectly simple and flowy shirt, I highly recommend this one. Oh, and another plus that I almost forgot to mention! Conversation Pieces is offering free shipping till December 20th! So I'd take advantage of that if I were you. 



  1. Great outfit! love a bit of faux fur x

  2. Looks really pretty))) Lovely snapshots as well! Keep on smiling, you have just a perfect smile:)
    Have a fabulous time!

  3. Teehee...I was the same way before! So funny. Love how you styled it! You're adorable!

  4. Ooooh, way to break out of your fear of fur! I absolutely love this vest and how you've worn it <3

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