Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fall Wishes.

Fall Stripes

beanie   l   pants   l   boots   l   top   l   bag   l   jacket   l   scarf

Lately, Jerry and I have been talking about future events that we may need to attend in a few weeks. And one or two of those events happen to fall on November 7th or 8th. 

me: November 7th or 8th?!
jerry: ya, I think so.
me: hmmm that's very close to a very special day :D 
jerry: haha yes, yes it is.

(it's my birthday woop woop!)

So to help Jerry out, I thought I'd make myself a fall wishlist of things I'm loving right now. Now obviously, a few of these things are wayyyyy out of my budget and I would never feel right spending that much. But you know, a girl can dream ;) Why does fall do this to me? What are some things you're wishing for this season?


  1. love that bag!!! i think i need to save up for it now. im craving a comfy blanket sweater :)

  2. Haha, you guys are so cute! And you're right, a girl can ALWAYS dream! Love your fall wishlist, Marsa! <3

  3. Adorable fall outfit and wish list! I'm trying to keep track of pieces I want and need so I can spread them out between paychecks haha :)


  4. This outfit is so adorable and so French-like! I want every piece now! lol

    This Lovely Little Day

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