Saturday, October 12, 2013

Daytime Outings.

A few weekends ago, Jerry took me to the Seattle zoo. It was our first time since last summer so it was fun to have a reunion with my little animal friends again. Last year, we did some major bonding with the elephants since we got to feed them. But this year, we decided that the penguins were the coolest of the bunch. I've realized that going to the zoo will always be a hit or miss experience. Either you'll get to see the lions running around in their cage, or you'll see them napping and sun bathing miles away from you. - - I think I can see it's furry tail!... maybe? Ya, like I said, hit or miss. This past time was definitely a miss but thank goodness for the penguins. They never seem to disappoint. Jerry especially had a good time with them.

> > >  oh and just to clarify:  < < <
^ ^ from last year ^ ^
elephants are still awesome too.


  1. Awwwww, haha, I love penguins too! They never fail :)
    This makes me want to go to our Boise zoo now.
    And thanks girly, it's always a pleasure to drop by your blog

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  2. Oh wow! I miss Zoo suddenly. Love your outfit. :)

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  3. So pretty! And I love your outfit too plus the photos look great! :) looks like you had fun! :)


  4. Niceee pictures! I haven't been to the zoo for a long time now. Should refresh that immediately :)

  5. lovely look! and the photos are awesome :)

  6. omg you two are so cute together .. best couple I've seen!
    loved your outfit, especially your combat boots :)

  7. Penguins are the best! I got to touch one a few years ago, way cool!
    applewood road

  8. lol I love going to the zoo. I always tell my fiance that it seems like the animals are on strike the days we goo...they are always sleeping. I'm not sure that I've ever seen penguins at the zoo?? The seals always put on a good show down here.

    xo erica


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