Thursday, September 12, 2013

Utility Jacket Wearing.

shoes: topshop   l   jacket: nordstroms   l   tee: f21   l   bag: aldo

Sweet miss Ariel asked me to do a collab with her on utility jackets and how could I resist? She is just absolutely adorable and we're pretty much twins who come from the same background. She's also super sweet and gorgeous so I was super excited to do this with her. Make sure to check her blog out too!

Utility jackets are hands down one of my most faaaaaavorite things to wear during fall because they go with anything and they're prefect for adding that extra layer of warmth when it starts to get chilly. Seattle's weather has been acting up though. Last week was rainy and cold. But this week has been nothing but sunshine so far. Beauuuuutiful Beauuuuuutiful Sunshine. Yesterday was even about 90 degrees. Can you believe that? It's craziness if you ask me. 

make sure to check out Ariel at Auteur Ariel!
what are your favorite things to wear when it starts getting chilly? :)
(secretly i like jumping right into my big sweater and sweats)


  1. I can't wait to be chilly and cold so I can wear a utility jacket. They are so versatile and awesome.


  2. your hair is beautiful! i wish i could get someone to do mine every morning because i seriously lack skills! i've been into utility jackets as well lately and i somehow ended up with three (one was a gift). luckily, i live in the south so i'm hoping to put them into heavy rotation this fall/winter in lieu of heavy coats (which... i do not really own).

  3. Nordstrom and topshop. BIG THUMBS UP!

  4. Looks great and those shoes! luv em

  5. I like this outfit and I'm also a huge fan of those jackets! You cannot have enough for them as they're super suitable for these cool days.

  6. i have a jacket similar to that one and it is my FAVORITE. also please tell your hair to stop being so perfect because it is making me feel bad. thanks. :)

  7. fabolous jacket look always cute
    happy day

  8. I love utility jackets too! I finally got one for this year so will be wearing mine a lot this autumn and winter.
    Also your hair look amazing Marsa!! I love it :D

  9. Adore utility jackets. They have become a staple in my closet! Love how you two styled them. =D

  10. i wear my utility jacket like everyday. seriously.
    also shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes.
    i want your shoes.


  11. both of you look so cute and chic! I just thrifted another cute candie's utility jacket the other day, once the weather drops, i'm styling it!

    C's Evolution of Style

  12. Gotta love utility jackets! Love your cool platforms Marsa, they're perfect :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  13. Love utility jackets & you styled it perfectly! <3

    Dress to Express

  14. The jacket is so cute but I also love your shirt underneath! I love scarfs to wear for chilly days!



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