Sunday, September 1, 2013

Jerry, the practical man // Marsa, the dreamer.

tunic: f21   l   boots: hunters   l   jacket: nordstrom

another one of those lovely husband-wife convos before bed:

Marsa: my feet hurt from standing at school all day.
Jerry: we should get you some nice shoes. don't you have that gift card?
Marsa: yes.... but... i kinda wanted to use it to get a new purse.
Jerry: well, sometimes you have to get what you need, and not just what you want.
Marsa: poop. oooooo-kayyyyy.

and then Jerry goes on to call himself the "practical man" and me the "dreamer."
haha. it's very true.


  1. you guys are theeeeeee cutest!! And I LOVE your outfit, missy.

  2. I totally love this outfit!! And yeah, sometimes it hurts when our husbands burst our bubble, right? ;)

    Ana Paula
    {Visit me at Mommyhood, PhD}

  3. My boyfriend is the exact same way (why must they be so smart sometimes?) ;)

    But I must say, a good pair of shoes can do miracles, girl! The trick is to find ones that are both cute and comfortable!

    - Steph

  4. Haha, I need to find myself someone practical to give me shoe advise...aha, otherwise I'd never have practical pairs! :P
    Love your cute wellies and the floral print dress

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  5. Aww, both of you so adorable! I like reading your hubs-wife-conversations :)

  6. I really love this outfit! Good combination :)

  7. Love the floral dress! Haha and I think your husband is right, you should prolly get some comfortable shoes. hehe ><

    xx Mandy

  8. super cute! i love any outfit with hunters!

  9. Love the outfit completely! :) And I am definitely a dreamer too

  10. cute couple and cute outfit!!

  11. teehee such a cute conversation that I have too often with my hubs as well. haha

  12. MARSA. It's official. I adore you. Okay, that's like really old news, but can we just talk about this outfit please? It's perfect for Seattle rainy days! You and your little Hunter's and your green jacket and your floral tunic and your little pretty hat. *Le Sighh* Not going to lie...I totally just pinned this and plan on copying you. Oops. Your are totally copy-able, okay? You just can't help it.

    love love love

  13. Nothing wrong in dreaming, because it is those that dream that make this world better. And then our practical partners reel us into reality..:)

    Really digging your jacket!!! I love love that shade of green for the fall and have found myself buying quite a few pieces in the same color...
    Natalie @ DRB


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