Wednesday, August 28, 2013

This is what you call a lazy post.

shoes: similar   l   top: h&m  

instagram: @marsaleee

See, Mondays to Wednesdays are pretty hectic for me and Jerry. Which means that blogging is on the back burner. Sad, I know. So instead of taking pictures of me in my outfit, I take pictures of just my outfit itself. Yes I'm a lazy bum. But I mean, you were getting tired of seeing my face anyway so it's all good. Anywho, I do have some cool news for ya though. Yesterday, my class had an "updo competition." An updo is basically well, hmmm...  just think wedding hair, prom hair, red-carpet hair, and etc etc etc. All that fancy shmancy stuff. My class of 18 students had a competition, and the rest of the school voted on their favorite. And I got second place! Woohoo! That's like... almost first guys! So again, woohoo! It's kinda exciting considering I've never really done that stuff before. Guess I've learned a thing or two at cosmo school aye?


  1. I need those shoes!

    Also, congrats on 2nd place! Heck, I can't even put my hair in a bun... heh.


  2. Congrats on 2nd! What did ya end up doing for the hair...totally curious!

    p.s where are those jeans fr?


  3. haha congrats Marsa!! Second is indeed almost first place ;) love those gorgeous maple leaves by the way!

    xx Mandy

  4. Woot woot! Second place is right up there girly ;)
    Also, I'm tempted to steal this lazy post idea...there's just no time to get outfit photos done, and I'm usually a sweaty mess by the time we can get photographs done anyway. Bleh. Ain't nobody want to see that! Lol

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  5. Congratulations, girl! And the outfit beyond cute, as usual. Sometimes a girl needs a "lazy" post every once and awhile!

    - Steph

  6. Yes!! Totally almost first, I would be stoked too! :) But LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea!! I've seen it here and there and it's a lovely idea! And since I have totally been too busy to post I think I may have to copy you and do this too ;) And that outfit is beyond cute! Miss you pretty lady!! xoxo!!


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