Friday, July 12, 2013

Jerry Husband. You were missed today.

cardi: japan, similar, similar, similar   l   pants: gap, similar   l   sandals: dsw, similar, similar

Well, today was Jerry's first day at work. I had planned on waking up with him at 5 a.m. to get some "first day of work" pictures but that didn't happen. I didn't even hear my alarm go off to be honest. Oh well, there's always the "second day of work" pictures I guess. Being home alone for the first time in our new place was kinda odd too. I felt like I didn't know what to do with myself. It also didn't help that we don't have internet in our place yet. Eating lunch alone was even weirder. I've done it before, but this time it almost felt like I wasn't in my own house. Weeeeird. I do love this new place of ours though. And I'm glad that we finally have a place for just me and him. I'm sure it'll only take a few more days for it to really feel like "home."


  1. Oh congrats to your new own home. :) I know the feeling.

    XX, IamJenniya

  2. cute look hun<3

  3. I guess you just have to adapt this 'new feeling of home alone' and everything's going to be more smooth for sure :)
    Also congrats to your new refugee!

  4. That's so cute that you wanted to take pictures of his first day of work! I hope you get his second day of work :) I'm going to be living alone soon and I'm kind of worried that I will be really lonely. I hope not!

  5. I must say that I'm jealous of your new home. I love the Pacific Northwest and I can't wait to move back to Portland one day. Seattle is such a great city too :)

  6. i've been in my place for about a month in a half and i still get weirded out when my boyfriend goes to work and i work from home during the week. it always seems like there are more strange noises and i get all freaked out, but then when he's home, nothing happens. silly apartments.

    xo nicole

  7. Love how you did your messy bun! Congrats on your new home ^^ You'll adapt to it soon enough :)

    xx Mandy

  8. Love your messy bun. :) Know how it feels when hubby goes to work and you are at the new home, was like that for me 2 years back. Now I kindda enjoy the time alone. ;)


  9. i love your cardi! very cute.. also have a baby then you will never have lunch alone ;) haha

  10. Yay for new places, that is exciting! I love those pants :)

    Xo, Kelsey

  11. That long necklace with the triangles is SO cute! Please tell us where it's from!

  12. Ahh.. I think this is how I'll feel when we get a house.. and he goes to work... and I stay at home.. to blog! lol It'll take some adjusting, but you're doing just fine, Marsa! <3

    Love your hair & your outfit!

  13. Oh what a weird feeling when they are just gone! I do hope it gets better- I have gotten used to spending every min with my husband the last few months so it's going to be weird...
    well you look beautiful missing him:) Love the outfit again! What a elegant over shirt!

  14. Well, its not where you live, its who you live with that makes it home :)
    I love your orange colorblocked slouchy cardi against these sage green skinnies!

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  15. My goodness Marsa, you ALWAYS look so PRETTY!!! Love this outfit!! And that shawl/cardigan is cute!


  16. Cute outfit! Just stumbled onto your blog:) And I totally take first day of work pictures too!

  17. i still get weirded out when my partner goes to perform and i perform from house during the weeks time. it always seems like there are more unusual sounds and i get all flipped out, but then when he's house, nothing happens. foolish flats.
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  18. I love this!! you look so cute!

  19. Love the top knot, I wish I could pull one off as well as you do! The colors of this outfit definitely caught my eye, and now I want a cool orangesicle cardigan.



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