Saturday, June 15, 2013

You'll never guess what Jerry did.

turban: rayna jaye   l   watch: c/o feral watches   l   top: brandy melville, similar

He lost his wedding ring!

Somewhere in between our two hours of yellow floatie time at the beach, his ring fell off of his finger. I was angry/ sad for a bit. Probably for about a whole 15 seconds. And then I remembered that there was a positive to all of this. His ring was only eight dollars. Eight. Dollars! hahahaaaa. Can you believe it? That man just wanted some cheapo ring. So that's what we got (even though I've always secretly kinda hated it). But now that it's drowning somewhere in the ocean, I am determined that I WILL convince him into getting a better one. Perhaps one that fits better and doesn't get all scratched up? Mmmhmm.


  1. Aw no! I would be so upset when my boyfriend lost his wedding ring! :( I'm sentimental like that haha! But yes on the bright side, if it was only 8 dollars :D

    Valérie ♥

  2. we got a cheap ring for my husband as well! not as cheap as $8 but we spent i think about 30 on it? we figured that he's lose it, wreck it at some point so we didn't want to spend too much! we got his on etsy and he loves it!

  3. Get a tungsten ring. It's also not that expensive and most importantly they don't get scratched up. My husband's wedding ring is so scratched up but he also has a tungsten CTR ring and that one looks like it's new.

  4. Aaaaawwww!!! How lucky the ring wasn't an expensive one.. and that's your chance to get him a ring YOU like :D
    Alsi love your cute hippie inspired style ^^
    :*, Nina

  5. My husband also lost his wedding ring on a beach when we were vacationing last summer - it was worth $300 :( We bought him a cheapo $7.00 ring on eBay, not risking that one again!!

    Cute outfit - love the top :)

  6. Ahahahahaha it's super super lucky that he was all cheapo about it though! The biggest issue will be getting him to take care of the next one!

  7. hahaha you are the cutest.
    oh jerry.


  8. you're too adorable! love these comfortable looks. i could live in that daily!

  9. My husband has a cheapo ring from amazon too haha

  10. Ymyhats so sad! Hope you find the right ring for him!
    Ok so this shirt.... Amazing!!!! I love it so sticken much and then you added that necklace to it and its PURE perfection!!!

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  12. i didn't want a wedding ring set, so (to make my mom happy,) joseph ordered one of those thin stackable rings from etsy for $10. it somehow makes it more meaningful to us :))

  13. I love your style! The simple jewelry and cream top is so effortless..
    Blush and Blossoms

  14. You guys are so cute together. :)
    $8 ring huh? LOL. He'll get a better one fo sho~

    Happy weekend and happy fathers' day to all (^_~)v

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  15. okay, YEAH can i steal this outfit?! so comfy looking and so darling!!!


  16. Haha, still.. no!
    It's better than a burger ring.. better than a burger ring.


  17. 1. You are adorable. I say this every time, but it's the TRUTH! You can rock a turban like nobodies business. Oh and that necklace is perfect!

    2. I would feel the same way about the ring. Good thing it was cheap, but there is still the nostalgia factor.

    I hope you are having a wonderful time!!!

    xo Ashley

  18. I absolutely love your top - the lace is just perfect!

    Also, glad that Jerry's ring was so cheap! Get that man something better. :P


  19. oooooooh no! Jerry!! hahaha, that's something I'm SO scared of! That's good that his ring wasn't too expensive. My husband's was a little expensive... so if he loses it, he will be in BIG trouble!

  20. Oh my, funny story :) Good thing the ring was inexpensive. I guess it's time to do some shopping.
    Allie | A Song to Pass the Time

  21. my husband wanted a ring from walmart haha guys are so low maintenance! btw love your necklace!

  22. Love this look and your necklace. My husband doesn't wear his original ring (that was more than $8) Cheapies are the way to go for sure!

  23. Marsa,

    Ezra lost his ring on the same day too, what a coincidence. haha but ours are really cheap too. It's ok, now he can get a new one with diamond on it lol jk

  24. Whoa! Can't believe it! Hope you find a nice new one that won't get lost! Glad there was a bright side:)

  25. Cheapies are the best! Can't believe he lost his wedding ring though! Ugh. Love the necklace! Pretty pretty!

  26. Well as frustrating as it is to lose a wedding ring, at least it was only $8. right? :) And Ross's ring only cost about $12 from Amazon so we are right there with you! But I agree - he needs something nicer so it won't get scratched haha.

  27. Lovely style you have.
    But I can't believe that he lost his ring!!

  28. you look great! love the headband


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