Thursday, May 9, 2013

This Little Park.

photos of shared childhood memories
and also of some food. 
because we all love food.

Each year, when I was little, my family and I would go to my grandparents' house in Japan. And by their little house, was a little park that I spent hours playing at with my brother and sister. Back then, that little park seemed sooo big with hours of playing time possibilities. But now when I go back, it's just a little park filled with little memories, that I cherish more and more each time that I go back. 

Now that Jerrys here with me, I get to share these little memories with him. It feels kinda weird and out of place to be honest. But I'm glad that he's here with me. Also, I just needed to add that we've been doing lots of shopping here, and hubsta has been the best shopping buddy. He's been sooo patient and actually tells me if the clothes that I pick out fit me well.

                                                        me: hows this?
                                                        jerry: mmm... it looks too big on you.
                                                        me: it's a baggy fit shirt. it's supposed to be big.
                                                        jerry: ya but it's too big. it doesn't look right.
                                                        me: okay. (just saved $30 woohoo!)

                                                       The man knows his stuff.

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  1. you look adorable! i am really really missing japan this year. whenever it was summer, it was "japan time". but not this year. i miss it so bad. i miss my obaachan and the food and the smells and the people. and of course i miss the shopping. they have the best clothes and jewelry! I hope to take justin with me someday. japan is my favorite ever. hope you are having a blast!

  2. Cute pics , that dessert looks so delicious!

    Meghan Silva's Blog

  3. looks like a great time.
    i love all of these pictures.
    umm come back and play with me.
    dang it.


  4. Of course you are so cute... again! I want a bike so bad. The Mr and I have been searching for some for the summer. xx. McKenna Lou

  5. Aww this post is so sweet. I love that you get to go back to that park full of memories, and how neat that you get to share it with your husband!! :) That seriously made me a little emotional? But I'm a very emotional person haha anyway, you're sweet and I'm glad you're having fun!


  6. love your blouse and everything looks like so much fun :)

    New outfit on my blog --->

  7. I love shopping with my hubby too, he always gives the most honest opinion! ;)

  8. looks like you had a wonderful time! Love the photos :)

  9. must be so great to share childhood memories. my husband and i are planning a trip out to korea (and japan!!) next year and we can't wait to visit each other's neighborhoods where we grew up in Korea! It's funny to know that we grew up in neighboring towns but met here in the US!

  10. Love your florals, girl!! Looking beautiful as usual :))

  11. Super adorable pictures!
    It's always nice to have a shopping buddy :)

  12. i love it when hubbies are useful and honest when shopping : )

  13. such fun!


  14. yay! glad jerry is helping you shop/save money hahah. you two are cute. have fun :)


  15. CUTE!! That's how Ron is too when I take him shopping :) But he usually doesn't go with me cause he thinks I take too long shopping and it kinda drives him nuts :) But he usually helps me find cute stuff when he does go! Thanks for sharing all your cute pics and sharing your childhood story! And I heart you last photo and it's caption, lol! You are silly!


  16. You guys look so cute together - gorgeous couple!))) And these pics are really nice!!!!
    Loved the blog!

  17. I wish to have the kind of love both of you have, someday :) Bestfriends and lovers. Wish you all the best! I also wish to taste the food in the made me hungry and it's midnight. Haha! xx

  18. Love food! Yummy! :)
    You guys really have the cutest conversations haha :)

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  19. Haha, cuute; you guys are perfect together, hehe! ^^

  20. Great pictures!! I love going back to places that hold childhood memories. :)


  21. You two are adorable!!!! It looks like you are having a lovely time and I love reading your cutie convos. Thanks for sharing:)

    Im glad you are having fun, butttttttt you should come home already and post often...I MISS READING YOU DAILY!!!!!

    xo Ashley

  22. I also jealous of your Japan adventures! One day I'll go there with the hubs:)

    I'm having a giveaway with a pair of DKNY aviators and thought of you! Make sure you enter:)

  23. Beautiful pictures! I've been loving the ones you put on Instagram...I want to see more!


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