Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Five Feet.

top: thrifted   l   cardi: cotton on   l   necklace: c/o sprightly so

People have been asking me how tall I am so there you have it. Five. Feet. Flat. Pictures can be kinda deceiving right? Har har. Sometimes Jerry will randomly crouch down next to me while I'm standing and say something like... "Marsa vision." lol. uh.... thanks dude. But I'm really not that short. Everybody in the US is just abnormally tall. I'm from Japan people! Over there I'm quite normal sized actually. Hah.
ps sorry for the awkward poseys today. really don't know what i was trying to accomplish there.


  1. I thought you were at least like 5'6 or taller!! You look beautiful as always.
    Almost Endearing

  2. I thought you were toller:) Awwwwwwwwwwww you are really cute for your high!!!

  3. haha! i'm only 5'2" and it took lots of effort and patience to get there! so i know how you feel!


  4. you are adorable!! and i get it! i am 5'2" and my husband is 6'3" so sometimes he moves down to my level for pictures!

  5. i like your top!! and your colored jeans too..

    xo josephine

  6. I would have never guessed. If I were wearing heels I'd be a whole foot taller than you. Crazy. I love the color combo in this outfit. And I love you...all five feet.

  7. You look way taller in your pics !

    xo Meg<3

  8. haha you are to cute!! Yes, we all are kinda abnormally tall. My dad is a little 5 foot 4 mexican man, so we understand ;-)
    You look adorable of course!!


  9. Nothing wrong with 5'0" girlfriend!! So cute and petite!
    I like how you wore those wedges for your height announcement ;)

  10. I always love your posts because I can always relate to them! :)

    PS We are basically the same height (I'm 4'11 and half an inch) and my boyfriend does that to me too. Haha. Don't they just love that?


  11. Wow you are so tiny and cute!! Loving this outfit and your hair looks incredible!

  12. You are so tiny - definitely couldn't tell from your pictures! I think the poses in today's outfit are fun :)

    xo, alison*elle

  13. love the geometric pattern of your top! and triangles are my obsession, need that necklace!! xo


  14. So you're from Japan? Cool! Always wondered where you would come from :)
    Does Jerry also come from Japan?

    Lots of love, Maho

  15. I really love this outfit! The yellow pants and the shoes suits you so well :D

    Great post!


  16. I am really small, too. :((
    But you are cuteee!!

  17. lol! i feel u! I'm not considered "tall" in us standards either but above average for asian standards hah. (im only 5'4) and people always say wow you are soooo tall. wish it was true!!! <3 You look so pretty in your photos! love this outfit~ xO!

  18. hahaha my mom is 5'2 and we always tease her about it. I'm not even that tall 5'6.5 (so close to 5'7!) and I sometimes wish I was a little shorter so that I could wear all the awesome high heels around some of my not 6' tall friends. So there you go, it's actually awesome to be short because then you can wear cute high heels!

  19. You're adorable!! I'm only 5'3" and I feel like a dang midget sometimes! Maybe I should actually wear heels & wedges...that may help haha.

  20. I definitely thought you were taller! When I went to Mexico I loved it since everyone is so short there :)

    The Tiny Heart
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  21. Haha. It's really weird for me to see things from other people's point of view too. Like 6 foot? I feel like everything is so far from the ground.

    How do you get your photos so bright and beautiful?

    7% Solution​

  22. The nice thing about being on the short side is you don't have to worry about being too tall in heels. I'm 5'6 but luckily my hubby is 6'2 so I'm still shorter than him even in my highest heels! Whew! Anyway, I love the wedges and yellow pants. Perfect for the "First day of Spring". :)

  23. haha you are so cute, it's ok that you're five feet flat :-)

  24. Bahahahaha, "Marsa vision" xD
    Aww, you're just adorable Marsa. I love your pale yellow pants and cute necklace.
    And you know, its odd when I visit the Philippines because I get put in that odd situation of being a different height than everyone else. Everyone stares up at me and there are many jokes about how tall I am haha.

    Trendy Teal

  25. I just think you are the cutest!!! I am 5'2 and so sometimes I try to wear my favorite wedgies to help a sista out, haha!!!!

    Hugs xo

    Dinah@ sunshine super glam

  26. Nothing wrong with being short! :)
    I love this outfit. Colored jeans are my favorite!


  27. haha! My husband does that too! "oh so this is how the world looks like to you" hahaha/ I'm 5'1" so we're like the same. wooo short people! lol

    And that is SO cool you're majoring in Japanese and TESL!!!!!I wish I was that driven. I tried to minor in Japanese..... I took 300 (i think it's now called 301...) with Arthur Sensei and then 311 with Okawa sensei... they were easy of course and i tested out of all the lower level classes. But then I took 302 for like 1 day and it was too much kanji for my little half japanese brain, so i dropped it ): and don't even get me started on taking 321 or 322, i think i'd rather stab my eyes out. I do wish I was better at reading and writing, but unfortunately with a full class schedule, taking Japanese classes wasn't a priority ): maybe when i'm older and the kids are out of the house i'll try to learn. hahaa.

    I'm majoring in Human Development. It's a social science, so looooots of research and reading journal articles. haha.

    oh and by the way i adore the yellow pants! and i also think this is now the longest comment in the history of bloggin....

  28. Loving the mustard pants! I'm a shorty too...except I've got three inches on you! Well now I feel tall :)

    Hope you're having a wonderful day :)


    The Hartungs Blog

  29. Lol! Marsa vision!
    Oh, I know! I'm actually pretty short, and once, I felt so tiny since I was waiting at the printer and two really tall classmates of mine stood with me and teased me... =.=


  30. This makes me feel better. And un-naturally tall. Remind me to never go to Japan unless I want to be stared at.

    And I've never been to China but my family went without me, nice huh? It was the summer I got married and Hubby left me for a month on a European adventure and as soon as he got home my family left for China for 3 weeks. I stayed in Idaho and went to school :(

  31. I love this transitional winter-to-spring look! Your printed top is perfect with colored skinnies!
    Also, I've placed 4-5 orders from Tobi and I've been happy every time! I hadn't heard any bad reviews before, but I can see why you were concerned! But I've bought a couple of dresses, 5+ tops and a purse and I've been pleased with all of them :) I would say their quality ranges from F21 to Francesca's - type levels, so for the price (and their sales) it's a good value in my opinion. And you get a 50% off code for joining, so that's nice to use to kind of try it out! Hope this helps :) Shoot me an email if you have any questions about it!!



  32. I love how that black and white geometric top looks with the mustard colored jeans!


  33. Great pants you sweet little person ;)

    1. PS: I'm from Germany.. so I really had to google to find out how "tall" you are :D

  34. How cute you are....! Looking so cute i love it

  35. Just found your blog and I am in love. You are stunning, my dear. And I'm glad to find other shorties. I am 5'4" :)

    The Nautical Owl

  36. I love that top!! Haha this post reminds me of that scene in Lost in Translation where Bill Murray is towering over everyone in the elevator.

    Would you like to follow each other on Bloglovin'?

    Sophisticated Lace

  37. i tower over everyone where i live and then there's my sister who only hits my shoulder in height. we're complete opposites!

  38. Oh wow I love this outfit! Lol I relate, I'm 5'1"

  39. so i totally love that you can take your outfit pics inside and they look great!! i need to try that soon... it's gonna be soo hard to go outside now that austin is walking!!
    Sandy a la Mode


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