Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hey Hey Hey.

 vest: f21   l   booties: libby edelman

Tomorrow is V-Day yo.
Me and hubs have made absolutely zero plans for the special day because we've decided that we're going to celebrate it on Friday instead and be rebels like that. That's what you call livin' on the wild side folks. Or just being too busy with school to be partying on a Thursday night.

Also, as you can see in the bottom-right photo, I've been working on my kissy face for the big day.  It's come a long way and it's pretty good now I think.

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  1. Haha I love that you guys are celebrating on Friday! You're so funny I love reading your posts :)

    Amazing look! Hope your Friday vday is fab with your hubby.

    xo, Haylee

  2. Ha! I love your humor :)
    cute outfit too!

  3. Ha! youre funny! Love the outfit!

  4. Hello from Suburb Chic! Thank you for finding, commenting, & following my blog! I appreciate it. Your site is cute :) I will Tweet you too... <3

    -Brittany of @suburbchicblog

  5. Same here! The Mr. and I will be at school all day long. I guess that will make Friday even better!

  6. Good idea! We are celebrating on Saturday. Not worth putting up with the crazy crowds n Thursday and then being exhausted when trying to get things done Friday.

  7. Have fun every day :)

  8. be rebels hahah love it!! Have a nice day!!Visit and check my new post!!(("Stripes"))

  9. haha you crack me up! the kissy face is fantastic. & your outfit as well!

  10. like you, we have no plans tomorrow either except throwing a pup bday party. i think we're actually celebrating vday on saturday. love the vest & bracelet? on your wrist. kinda looks like yarn. whatever it is, i likes.

    laurie :)

  11. My finger always finds a way to feel included.

  12. I like the whole look! Hope you guys have a happy v-day!

  13. My hubby has an exam on Friday, so he'll be spending Thursday all day at the library! We're celebrating Friday too :)

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  14. So cute! :) We have zero plans as well. Ah~ why does it always turn out like this?!

  15. I love your outfit :D You look so cute!

    Great post!


  16. I've been looking for a vest just like that!! Looks super cute on you

  17. I love that vest Marsa!! You know why?!? Because I just got mine from F21 last night in the mail! hahaha... vest twins! ;)

    xo – Sheila
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  18. love the outfit (:
    wow, living on the wild side, wooohooo
    hahaha :D

  19. i love the vest!! i had in it my too big pile of things to buy from F21 and pit it back. clearly a mistake. off to buy it tomorrow!

  20. Hahah, the kissy face is the best picture yet!! You are to fun!

  21. Your vest is so cute!


  22. Yeah, I hate how Valentines has to fall on a weekday this year! Ah well, way to take a walk on the wild side ;)
    Love the kissy face too - it truly is perfect. Lol!

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  23. Haha, you're so cute. Have fun on your Valentine's Day!

  24. Love how you layered the vest over the plaid! We have no V Day plans either.

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  25. Yep, you definitely got that kissy face down, Marsa! Have fun tomorrow with your love!


  26. Haha you are so funny! And the kissy face is irresistible!

  27. You couples are really cute :) Go save the date for Friday :)

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  28. Happy Valentine's day girl! Love this look! The vest and the plaid shirt are gorgeous!

  29. Haha.. funny pics :) Hope you did enjoy V-day at least a little bit.. and have a great party tomorrow!

    ♥, Nina

  30. Your hair is fabulous. Like it needs to get on my head. Have a good Vday!

  31. Sometimes I like staying in or skipping out on a huge celebration with my boyfriend because it's always nice to do something low-key and just relax at home with each other's company :)

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  32. Hey dear! Thanks for commenting and following my blog. I followed you back.

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