Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Things I used to want as a kid .

glasses: firmoo   l   shirt: gilly hicks   l   cardi: lec, similar

1. Glasses
These are fake. I never needed them growing up and I still don't. But I've always wanted some so I got these fakeys for free. Yup that's right. FREE.

2. Braces
Is that weird? Probably. I'm grateful now that I never had to deal with them but in middle school everyone had them. Everyone but me that is.

3. An Underbite.
Hahaha ya.. now that's just flat out weird. No idea what I was thinkin'.

There's probably a lot more but that's all I can think of at the moment <-- effect of a long day at school. Brain is just about ready to shut down now.  


  1. Aww you're so adorable! I love the pictures. =) Hope you're having a good day.

  2. Haha I always wanted braces too!! I begged my dentist but he told my mom I didn't need them. Boo.. ;P

    Cute pictures!!

    xo - Sheila

  3. Very cute glasses<3 & I really wanted glasses too when I was young >,<


  4. I've had like two of the three... Well, I guess I should be wearing my glasses more often but I stopped wearing them around the same time I started wearing make up LOL. I used to know a girl in elementary school who wanted acne since half the class was suffering from them except her and I used to think she was crazy cuz her skin was always so nice!!

    The Weekend Diary

  5. aww such a cute post! nice photos too :)

    xoxo, Tiffany

  6. Haha, I always wanted glasses, even fake ones, but now I just feel a bit weird wearing glasses because I think everyone would know they are fake! But I did wear braces, and they were cool for a while, but then, I really got tired of them but I still had to wear them! You look cute with those glasses, though!


  7. I always wanted a crutches so when I sprained my ankle in 8th grade, I used them a week longer than I needed to lol

    xo Jennifer

  8. LOL at #3!!! Sadly, I didn't want any of those but got them all >> Except the underbite haha I really do like those glasses though! Gotta get me some of that :D

  9. NO you do not wish for these things! Trust me..then kids just tease you and call you Eliza Thornberry. It will haunt you. I wish I had your face, or I will just take that shirt!!

  10. I agree with Brittany:)! I had to get glasses in the 2nd grade and I would just hide loll. I would put them on just to see the chalkboard and then take them off. It was so embarrassing. Now, I don't care and I think glasses are really cute. But I'm still as blind as a bat lol! Braces...I'm like almost 90 yrs old and I still need to get them! And an underbite...I don't quite understand that one lolll! Great post girl! You look adorable!

  11. too bad you're perfect!!!!!!
    i have glasses, they suck. i had braces, they sucked. i've never encountered anyone who has wished for an underbite.......until now. haha
    btw, i pretty much look at your blog everyday. i miss you! you should be getting a package via ups tomorrow!


    1. i miss youuu melly! thank you for the package love you :)

  12. You are rocking those glasses! Haha an underbite? I'm pretty sure that's why people get braces ;)

  13. Lol I wore glasses from a pretty young age and had braces in high school. It wasn't comfortable (the braces), but I'm thankful I had them :) Cute glasses on you!

  14. I was the same way!!! 7th grade, all the cool kids had braces and glasses and I had zip, zilch, zero! I wanted them so bad, but now I've ruined my eyes with a computer screen and have to wear them..... still unsure how I feel about it now.

    Super cute pics!

  15. Hey sweetheart! You look very smart with glasses! What does your husband say??
    ♥, Nina

  16. Haha, it's so funny you wanted glasses and braces, because growing up I had both and I hated them!! I'm thankful for my smile now though, and happy that glasses are so stylish! I really like the pair you're wearing here ;)

  17. I also always wanted glasses, to be honest I still want some ;)

    xoxo Minnie

  18. Hihi so nerdy! :D

    Thank you, Marsa! :D

  19. You're pretty lucky you never had any of these things! Unfortunately I had braces and I still have glasses. I remember braces being all the rage back then though. After actually getting them, I remember thinking how stupid and painful they actually were. :P


  20. I share the same sentiments! Braces! Haha back then, it was fun to want it. :)

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  21. Can you be any more adorable!? Glasses like that don't fit on my face, but I've always wanted ones like those! I never had braces either, but I also never wanted them! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  22. Aw these glasses are so cute! Love these photographs, so great!

  23. I wanted glasses and braces too! You're adorable!

  24. Love the pictures!!! and love the blog!! xxxxxx

  25. i use to want glasses, too! not sure why.

  26. LOL! #3! You're too funny :) I wanted braces and glasses too and had the unfortunate luck of eventually needing them. Sigh. ;)

  27. You look adorable! Haha I wanted the same when I was a kid, except the underbite part... oh and maybe I wanted braces up until I actually got them!
    xx Bianca I New Post I Follow me

  28. wow, you don't need glasses? you're so lucky! i've been wearing glasses since i was in like 3rd grade and i can't survive without them, haha! ;)

    <3, Mimi

  29. Lovely items and photos! Your blog is so refreshing, I like it very much! Can we follow each other? Let me know, and please check out my new post and tel me what you think :)

  30. love your glasses and these photos!!!

  31. How cute are you!? Those glasses are awesome and I'm loving those boots :)

    Pearls & Paws

  32. ...hi dear...lovely look ^^
    kiss and have an happy week end hun

    the simple life of rich people blog
    instagram @thesimplelifeofrichpeople
    twitter @simpleliferichP

  33. you have the prettiest smile, Marsa
    and you sort of remind me of Bora from Sistar
    so so pretty!

    and how you so much in love with Jerry is adorableeee

    The Sweetest Escape 

  34. Sweet look! I really like your cardi!


  35. Love the glasses! I’ve always wanted to be able to pull of glasses like those, but my face isn’t the right shape..Oh well. I always wanted braces, and then I got then, and then I wanted them off. Needless to say, I didn’t get my wish…Then after 3 years I got my wish. haha

    -Victoria Horea

  36. I love this outfit :)

    would you like to follow each other?

  37. Your glasses are adorable! And I love your cardigan. I wanted glasses and braces as a kid too. So weird. But I did have an underbite which was quickly corrected by the wonderful world of orthodontics. Haha.


  38. Hi Marsa!

    You asked me about that sweater:

    Yes, I get it from here! It was $19.98 with the delivery cost, which is still so much cheaper than in the other online stores. Actually, I didn't expect it to be this good for that price, but I was really positively surprised :>

    You look beautiful by the way, I love your cardigan ♥

  39. Haha! I had 2/3...glasses and braces, and they were not something I wanted! :P

    I always wanted a broken bone when I was a kid, but a few years ago I broke my arm in half and had to have 2 surgeries! It was not as glamorous as my childhood self imagined....

    I will defiantly keep an eye out for an olive vest!!


  40. OMG, both you and your blog are gorgeous and refreshing! Love all of these shots, and as far as the things I wanted when I was younger, probably mashed potatoes every night coupled with rainbow suspenders. I don't know what the heck brought those on. Lol, thank you so much for visiting my blog and even leaving me a message :)


  41. You look so cute in those Firmoo glasses! =D


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