Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday Fundays!

tank: f21   l   maxi: express, similar  l   blazer: f21, similar

1. spending birthday with husband.
2. surprise gifts from sister & friends.
3. finding crispy money in my pockets that survived through the washer & dryer.
4. stepping on mounds of crunchy fall leaves.
5. eating leftover birthday cake for breakfast!! hey, no judging.

Not So Fun:
1. gaining weight from eating leftover birthday cake for breakfast. Hah...
2. finding wormies on the ground post rain. ick.
3. waking up feeling cold because it snowed dumps the previous night.
4. finding our car piled up in snow & realizing we left the snow scraper at home.


  1. Pretty, cozy skirt!! I saw below that you are a lover of all gummy snacks. I am as well...I'll take gummys over chocolate any day! Your Fun/Not so fun posts are cute :)


  2. You look so cute Marsa! Love your maxi. :)

    haha.. I would totally eat leftover bday cake for bfast too!! Nom nom nom..

    xo - Sheila

  3. Leftover bday cake for breakfast always seems like a good idea until after the fact hehe but so worth it!

  4. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I pray that you will have another year of many blessings :) :)

    I wish I went to church with you. Then I would see your fabulous outfits in person every sunday!! <3
    also, see what I mean? I think of you with maxis! because you always look so pretty in them <3 and man...this cotton one looks so comfy...mmm maybe I'll invest in one...>__<

    oh and as a response to what you said about wedge sneakers, I actually googled if wedge sneakers were going out of style or not when I was buying them :x teehee >_< but then I thought, screw it! It will forever be a staple in my closet! who cares about trends xD they only bring pretty things into my life, but they will never take them out of my style! :D
    お?ちょっと良い事言ったかも?w lolol

    I missed you too >____________<


  5. Happy day!
    Me gusta mucho tu maxi falda

  6. i love the shirt you are wearing here! the post about your day and the fun/not fun things is so cute!

    lindsey louise

  7. love the skirt--looks so comfy too!
    as much as i love them on other people, i've always been a bit hesitant about maxi skirts/dresses because i'm short!

  8. happy belated birthday! and nice maxi skirt!

    the STYLE Fringe BLOG

  9. You look so elegant in that outfit!! :)

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  11. wow, i love this outfit! You look so great!


  12. where'd you gain weight? *looks* in your eyelash? girl, you look fine!

  13. you look lovely in that outfit! love the maxi skirt. I agree, having surprise gifts is definitely so much fun. :-)


  14. We did the same thing!! I ended up scraping off the car with my arm, FREEZING! And Walmart sold every single one they had on Saturday:( I need more maxi long does this one run?

  15. wonderful blog, I congratulate ... really well done. I will follow you, I would like to me to be a supporter of my italian blog

  16. For the longest time, I thought the worms on the ground after a rainy day were branches/twigs that have fallen off the trees due to heavy winds..... but one day I decided to take a closer look for no reason and realized they were worms! UGH, how disgusting, I've been stepping all over them until I got to college LOL.

    The Weekend Diary

  17. You are so cute in this outfit! Hope you had a fabulous birthday. I love finding money when doing laundry, especially if it's my husband's money. Totally keeping it for coffee for the week! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  18. Is it okay that i am slightly jealous its snowing there...I miss winter! Love your luxurious look, so well put together!

  19. Oh I would totally eat leftover cake for breakfast! Yummy! Love how you styled your skirt!

  20. love the way you paired the maxi with the blazer! happy belated beautiful :) xo jess

  21. you look so elegant in your maxi! very pretty! i eat bday cake for breakfast all the time, and it's not even my bday ;)

  22. You look simply stunning! And this outfit is perfect , i love the skirt=)

  23. Your blog is filled with great ideas.



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