Sunday, September 23, 2012

Meanwhile at church today..

Did I tell you?! Husband and I are now our ward's new nursery teachers! Woohoo love little rascals. They're the cutest. Church was a little different today because of the Brigham City Temple Dedication. All wards around our area canceled their regular church meetings so that ward members could attend the dedication. Husband and I however, and a few other primary teachers, were put in charge of watching the little kiddos. We played with toys, had a little lesson, ate pretzels & marshmallows, read stories, and blew bubbles! Doesn't that sound exciting? Yes I know. You wish you were there too. The funnest part was watching Jerry play with the kids.

Happy Sunday!
here's one of my favorite church videos.


  1. your so pretty! and thanks for the cute video :D

  2. What a cute video! The ladle and hole punching one is the cutest!


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