Saturday, August 25, 2012

Super Husband

Sooo this weekend, not so fun.
Got my wisdom teeth pulled out.  Eeeek!  i know.. poor me. 
And school starts on Monday. Boo hoo
 Pity party anyone?

But thankfully for me, I have a super husband who:

     1. Drives a whiney/sleepy/hungry wife home from the oral surgeon
     2. Tucks wife into bed while slaving away in the kitchen
     3. Makes yummy dinner for wife
     4. Buys special treats just for wife (pudding, jello, ice cream)
     5. Rubs wife's back until she falls asleep
     6. Buys medication for wife
     7. Wakes up 3 times in the middle of the night just to give wife medicine
     8. Piggy backs wife (as seen in picture above)
     9. And tells wife she's beautiful even when she looks like this:

Thanks hubby. Always knew you were the right choice.


  1. You are one spoiled wifey. Ouch about the wisdom teeth! Robbys dad told me last year that I needed to get mine out. Nope still haven't done it yet. I'm too scared...oh and stop being so cute. Imma barf.

    1. haha i really am. Not as much as you though! ;)
      I pretty much waited till the last minute too. Wasn't even planning on taking them out because they weren't bothering me. But then my dentist told me they're in "hard to reach" places so they're more likely to get cavities. Boo

  2. love your blog so cute! please keep posting so i have something interesting to read

  3. This is SO adorable. So so so adorable. And you're so pretty!


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