Friday, August 10, 2012

Sister Bonding

My sister Maya came to Washington! 
And of course one of our favorite things to do together is shopping. I ended up not buying anything [yes, it was a sad day] but I'm actually quite proud of myself. *pat on the back. Maya however, was a total shopaholic. She bought those white pumps you see in the second picture, and a few other tops. I even convinced her to buy me lunch!  
heh heh heh...

Oh, and some good news guys! 
As of yesterday at 3:00 pm, Jerry is officially done with his internship! Yaaaay! Now he's all mine for the next 3 weeks until school starts. Woo Hoooo party times. He did an awesome job and I'm soooo proud of him.
I believe its time for a celebration.

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