Wednesday, August 1, 2012

MLF: lady, i need my rice!

We ate 15 pounds of rice over a two month period. Impressive?? Okay fine not really. But this brings us to a HUGE dilemma.... We still need rice for the last weeks that we're here in Washington. At first we were thinking: hmm maybe we should just try not to eat rice for the rest of the time that we're here.... HAH! ya right. Off to Safeway we went. Except this time, we decided to get a smaller bag. A 10 pound bag.

at the check-out line....
register-lady: "That's a lot of rice!!" [as she gives us the crazy face]

me and husband just smiled. 
but secretly, we were both thinkin:
"Pffft, that's nothin lady. We usually get a FIFTY pound bag of rice!"

True Story.

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